vikingboy2013March 18, 2011

I have a a common white calla lily/ zantedeschia aethiopica potted in a container. I planted it last January and it has only bloomed once. I do not fertilize it often, and would like advice on how to induce blooms.

I was thinking that maybe I could stop watering it for a while to make it dormant and then restart watering to promote faster blooms.

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marquest(z5 PA)

I use my Callas as part of my summer outdoor plantings. I have never tried to use it as a houseplant.

It sits in 4 hours of sun all summer and it is moist at all times. I give it bloombooster ferts starting when it leafs out every two weeks.

I bring it in about Oct when the temps are consistently in the 30s. I keep it in the basement that does not go over 60 degrees I give it a little water about once a month. About March or April I usually start to see growth but I do not put it outside until the temps are no lower than 40s.

I had trouble with blooms and was told to give it lots of fert it seems to have worked for me. I start to give it the heavy fert treatment when I take it outside for the summer.

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