Low(er) light plant suggestion

cocoabeachloraxMarch 18, 2012

Background, this large narrow upright pot sits mid way between a large bank of sliders and a large east facing window.

The lighting in this room (natural) is bright enough to read by pretty much sun up to sun down. We rarely need to turn the lights on for every day activities but will turn an overhead light on when the kids are doing home work.

I've tried a fiddle leaf fig and I think the distance from the windows was too great, not enough light. The plant improved once moved closer to another window. Next I tried lady Palm, similar results.

I'd like something with an upright growth habit (the taller the better, tall ceilings), happy in low light conditions, and relatively fuss free.

Your advice ? I'd like to avoid the mega high toxicity plants like ZZ plant and peace lily since I have both kids and pets.

Thank you.

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So, the Fiddle Leaf and Lady Palm were not directly in front of the east window??

East light is a step up from north, north being the least.
FL and LP requires bright/full sun. If either were set several feet from an east your Ficus and Lady Palm were not getting enough light.

How about Dracaeana? There are several species. Some w/green leaves, others variegated.
Of all Dracaenas, Janet Craig can adapt to the least light. It's fast-growing, so don't know if that would be a problem.

Athough I consider all plants pretty, some are more attractive than others.
JC is a tad plain, but would suit your area.

There's other Draceanas to consider. Toni

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Thanks, Toni.

I love Dracaena. I'll look into the Janet Craig, fast growing is a good problem to have in my book.

To answer your question, the FLF was not directly in front of the window, it was a good distance set back from the window and it is on the "wrong" side of the entertainment center which blocks the western light in the afternoon from the sliders. It's a fairly dark little nook of the house as far as plants and light exposure go, despite the overall brightness of the space.

Home Depot had Snake plants for a steal, what do you think of that ?

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Howdy Cocoa.

The only Ficus that can take shade is F. pumila, but pumila is a vine.

Snake Plants/Sansevieria.. Since the area is bright enough to read by, a Snake Plant should be okay.

Although allowing soil to dry between waterings is essential, otherwise a Snake Plant will rot.
This rule goes for most house plants, but Snake Plants are succulent, and should be treated as one. Except they'd burn in direct sun.

I thought you wanted a tall plant? Snake Plants are slow-growers..If you'd like something big, perhaps you should purchase large, but it's going to be expensive.

There's many Sansevieria varieties. I assume when you say Snake plant, you mean the type with a blend of light and dark green markings?

A striking Sansevieria is Moon Glow or Moon Light. Both names are used for the same plant..

Here's a pic..A very healthy specimen has almost white center w/pronounced green edges.

In the spot you want to add a plant, can you see a shadow on a wall on sunny days? Toni

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Yes, you can see shadows on the wall on sunny days.

That is a gorgeous plant.

The HD plants were a sansevieria, they were already about 2 1/2 feet tall at just under $9.00, definitely affordable.

I found a teensy tiny Janet Craig at Wal Mart today, picked it up and I'll pot it and put it in the living room and wait patiently. At some point it will make a good little specimen, although right now it's fit more for a Barbie Doll House ;) .

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