rain every day, how can I prevent disease problems

brass_tacks(8b/GA)August 24, 2012

It has been raining almost every day & we're expecting a great deal more. My young tomato and cucumber plants(started flowering)are looking great, but I don't know how to prevent disease. This is southeast Georgia, so that means hot & humid. I am of the mindset that it won't do any good to spray with anything when the plants are getting drenched daily with rainfall. Even though my gardens are raised and drainage is about as good as it could be, the soil remains soaked. The only idea I've come up with is to give some shelter with plastic tarp hung overhead and then proceed with the fungal-fighting sprays -- like milk and baking soda mixes.

Is my mindset off? Any suggestions?


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That's about as much as you can do. With this kind of precipitation, you should make sure to plant every square inch of uncovered ground with collards or other winter vegetables. They will come up without a problem.

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I did this for my tomatoes:

The roof serves both to:

1. Avoid overwatering or unplanned watering from heavy / long rains, and
2. Protect from strong sun, the recently planted seedlings / companion plants

You could make a SIMPLE covered structure to avoid overwatering from rain.

Also be sure to hoe often the soil. I use:

â Fiskars Garden Hoe
â Union Tools V-Blade Garden Hoe
â Nejiri Gama Hoe
â CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator

As of spraying I would recommend:

â Garden Safe Insecticidal Soap Insect Killer
â Safer 3-in-1 Garden SprayGoogle

I also like Safer Garden Dust. All three products are OMRI listed.

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Thanks for your suggestions. My beds have hoops over them, so I'm hanging plastic. I've hung some sticky whitefly traps & am going to go ahead and spray with milk water, and spread some cornmeal. I'm thinking that spraying the soil with hydrogen peroxide might be helpful --I saw on one of your posts that you constructed a kind of support to keep your cucumbers off the ground -- nice! I'll have to copy your idea next time.

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