Joe1980(5)March 23, 2011

Anybody have success with a heart leaf homolomena?? I've tried this plant 2 times in the past, with no luck. Both times, it looked good for about 2 weeks, then a leaf would yellow, then another, then another. Pretty soon, I had no leaves left, because they yellowed out faster then new ones grew in. Mind you, I have never had much difficulty with any plants, but this one stumps me, and I'd love to figure it out, because I think they are one of the best looking plants out there.


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

If you are sure your watering is under control and it's not a soluble salts issue, I would look next to root congestion or temperature. It likes it WARM - no cold drafts, and root congestion will cause any plant to shed lower/interior foliage & make a poodle (growth at stem/branch tips only) out of your favorite plants.


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I would have to imagine it's a temperature issue then, because the second one I tried I didn't even have to water before it started it's decline. In summer, with the air on, I run about 72 degrees when home, and 78 while at work. In winter, with the heat on, 67 degrees when home, 62 while at work. I almost NEVER allow the temperature to get much more then 78 to 80 when the A/C is off, because I hate heat. Sometimes I wonder if 62 is too cold in winter though, but mind you, I never had a homalomena in winter, so it would have been the summer temperature scale. I always figured they got stressed by going from a humid greenhouse, to my not-so-humid house.

A side note too; my sister called me up a while back, describing her new plant.....a homalomena, and I told her how it would turn out. Her's faded away exactly like I told her, the same as mine did. I have read up on them, and half say they are easy, half say they are picky. My houseplants book claims they aren't picky about humidity, but I suspect they are.

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