cuttings off of Moses in the cradle

luvofrosesMarch 28, 2009

My friend wants to give me a cutting of her Moses in the cradle plant, but does not know where to make the cuts so as not to damage the plant. She has several sections that have huge leaves and then some that are small vines with a few leaves these look like new baby vines coming from the center of the plant. Where should the cut be made and then how do i get the cuttings to grow soil or water?

Thanks, I know nothing of this plant so any and all help would be great

Ann in So Ut

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Check the link to see whether we are thinking of the same plant, whether you have the solid green or the variegated variety, they will root the same. Just snap off a side shoot, peel off some of the lower leaves, and set the stem in moist soil in a bright location, and it should root. I do mine in water for about a week, until I can see the root stubs jutting out, then I pot up. Just my preferred way, this one roots so fast I should get gutsier next time and try straight to soil.

Another name for this plant is Oyster Plant, or Moses in a Boat.?

Here is a link that might be useful: tradescantia spathacea

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Thanks so much. I will go over and get my cuttings. My friend is only into houseplants as far as if they grow great if not they are gone. She does nothin other than water so my instructions are very limited at best. Her's is very long and completely bare in the middle of the pot so it just grows out the sides, Is this their habit or is there a way to keep it lush and full looking? i am getting the hang of African Violets, peace lillies, hoyas and the like but this is a new one for me. I would love to have this plant grow to its potential and be beautiful and full.
Thanks for all your help
Ann in So Ut.

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Perhaps your friend will offer you two shoots? If so, root one in water, the other in soil.
I've rooted both ways..
Because we're talking an unrooted cutting, place in a small pot. Slip pot in a plastic bag, with the top opened or slit. When watered, discard excess water that may leak in plastic.
Roots should form anywhere between 2-3 weeks. I know a number of people who, when root cuttings, dig through soil to see if the cutting took. Don't do this. Disturbing roots only causes problems. Once you see new growth, remove plastic. BTW, plastic heats, especially in sun. Medium/bright light should do fine. I've rooted Moses/Rhoeos in north windows. But after roots formed, they went in brighter light. Good luck, they're beautiful plants with pretty cradle-like flowers/seeds. Toni

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I have a Moses cradle and it's losing its purple on the undersides. It's also getting rangy. It's in potting soil with fertilizer and otherwise healthy, but I have had this experience. Am in LA area and had it in a north window, also had the same exp. with other plants in a garden window. Help appreciated.

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If there wasn't an easier plant to grow.Just lop off the top,it'll sprout out of the top you cut.

The thing that killed mine was rot.

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raisedbed-your plant needs more sun...a lot more sun. Just do it gradually so it won't burn. It will take full sun if grown outside.

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I see them growing now in a median at a red light on the street where I work, and they are in full sun.


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