Help me with the names of my plants? Have pics!

Joeliza(9)March 11, 2014


I have some house plants that I really enjoy growing! I knew their names when I first got them but now I have forgotten... I've been growing house plants for a few years and have had most of my plants for a long while now.

I came across this website today and thought it was really neat! Thought I would inquire and see if you guys have any tips based on the pics I post of my house plants and/or can let me know their common names as well as proper names.

This first one gets its light from a south sliding glass door/window, no sun but very bright light. I water it about once a week and don't fertilize. I've had this one about 2 years.

Thanks! :)

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This one is the same as the first one I believe, except that this one has 3 trunks in there and the other one only had one. This plant I have had for about a year or so and water about once a week. No fertilizer.

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I know this is a Peace Lily. I've found it doesn't care for a lot of light but will tolerate it until the leaves start to burn (no sun whatsoever!). Also it likes wet soil and to be watered often. I've had this one for a few months.

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This is a money tree that I am still getting a bit used to. I just repotted it into a much smaller one and trimmed the old leaves. I water this only when the soil dries out. I just moved it to a bright, south facing window with some filtered sunlight in the mornings. It was in a large north facing window and I don't think it was enough light? I've had this about 6 months and the leaves tend to go bad often..

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I have no idea what this is. I have seen it form little buds on the tips of the leaves that I believe fall into the dirt and reseed the plant or something like that, not sure. I've had this one about 6 months and it was fine at first then started to die off. It was outside, facing north, never getting any sun. I moved it into the sun outside and it seemed to do worse. Finally, I brought it in and put it in the bright sliding glass door (south facing, very bright, no sun though) and it seems to be doing better. I thought it was cactus of some sort so naturally thought it should go outside here in Az, lol..

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This one seems to be ok, except it is a bit wilted right now because I haven't watered it. I moved it up there a few months ago (east facing window). It seems to love it there though when it gets water of course. I water it about once a week usually and have had it about 2 years.

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I got this one last month and already forgot the name but I know it needs to dry out between waterings. It likes some humidity (sitting raised in hot water or lukewarm misting)and bright light but no sun (I think). Just watered it today, that's why it's sitting on all that stuff. It usually dries out weekly so I water it weekly.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Welcome to Gardenweb!

The first two look like corn plants, Dracaena fragrans. They look great!
Yes, third is peace lily (Spathiphyllum.) If you remove the browned leaves, it would look a lot better, and then you'll know if more leaves turn brown.
#4 Pachira, not a plant I've had
#5 Kalanchoe, not sure it's possible to determine species from this pic, maybe diagremontiana or x houghtonii. In a pot that size, that plant probably wouldn't need water often, maybe once per month while inside for winter. This is a succulent that prefers to be dry over being constantly moist, or there is risk of rotting roots. When it's warm enough outside, it would appreciate having the sun shining right on it (which should also make it dry more quickly.)
#6 Pothos (Epipremnum) - looks great!!
#7 tuberous Begonia, not known for being long-lived, but stunning right now!

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Thank you!

Bummer that the Begonia won't last long!

And I will try out your adcice on the Kalanchoe, appreciate the help.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

The Begonia *can* survive indefinitely, with the right care and climate, neither of which I seem to have although the latter trumps the former, no matter how 'good.' Too hot for this plant here, though they are pretty enough to buy as temporary decoration, like annuals. A bummer since they're so pretty but I felt better to learn that's why mine suddenly died when it got really hot. Glad I took pics! There's a Begonia forum with existing discussions about this kind (also called Reiger) and of course you can start a new one. They might have a more specific name for your plant also.

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Ok, maybe I'll check out that forum.. Where are you located? It's going to get hot here also, real fast! I'm in AZ.

Here's a pic of the kalanchoe that I trimmed up. The window that I moved it to is nice and sunny in the am hours and evening. I can't wait to see if it will flower!

I wonder if/when it should need a bigger pot?

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Yep, we'll both have some serious heat soon!

The soil would probably need to be replaced before the Kalanchoe outgrows that pot, at which point I would probably remove the old soil from the roots, replace with new, back in the same pot. This kind of plant can grow in a crack in pavement. If you still have the leaves you trimmed, you can lay them somewhere, like just on a shelf, or on the surface of another pot, and babies should grow on the leaves, with roots! Should make flowers similar to the pic below sometime in the next year.

Some people keep their tuberous Begonias alive for summer by bringing them into the air conditioning. Mine had melted well before people got hot!

I'm in Alabama, gardening zone 8, that's what the stuff next to my user name means. You can set yours in your profile, then it will show up next to your name when you post. Location has more to do with house plants than a lot of people think. Like in the case of tuberous Begonias! Knowing one's state is usually fine for house plant advice, you can find your garden zone here by typing your ZIP code in the box, hit enter. That's more for outdoor gardening, but can come into play in warmer areas where some 'house plants' can survive living in the ground permanently as well as its' main function of letting people know which plants sold as ground plants can survive in their location.

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Wow thanks for that pic! Yes, I can do that with the leaves and see how they do.

All of the plants listed here of mine are indoors but because of the dry heat a large portion of the year, we use evaporative coolers. It'll be during the monsoons and rainy season that it will be terribly hot!

I'll do my zone thing too lol thanks.

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