plants for my shower?

reglilly(5)March 4, 2012

I have a large (6x10) shower that has a 4x4 west facing window at the long end. I'd like to put a couple of plants in there. They wouldn't (needn't) get drenched, but the shower mist makes it humid a couple of times a day, and there would be about an hour or so of real, directish light at the most. What plants can anyone recommend?



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Hi Reg....nice shower setup.

Are you searching for tall or window-ledge size plants?

There are a number of tropicals that'd enjoy your bathroom..

What size plants are you interested in? Also, would they be sitting, hanging? Toni

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Reg, do you have a book on houseplants? Anything marked "high humidity" would probably do alright since you have west light. Maybe some ferns, fittonias, peperomias, cute mosses, even certain orchids! I drape spanish moss (tillandsia usneiodes) from my shower curtain rod, it loves it.

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I'm looking for some larger, floor-type plants. I already have a couple of African violets that are flourishing there. Something 2-3' in size would be great. I've seen some large ferns growing outdoors that look like they may work, but the indoor environment is something I'm totally out of my league on. The suggestion of orchids is nice -- I have two orchids. They are really too small for the space I'm imagining, plus, I don't want to multiply the number of high maintenance plants.

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Most tropical, 'floor-type' plants would do fine in your shower.

Problem is, if you're looking for a plant 2-3' tall, in time they'll grow taller. Of course you can always prune.

How about a dwarf Citrus, Murraya or Banana Tree? For color, a stripped Dracaena.

My second-floor bathroom, west window: 2 Palms, one variegated. (Each stand 1') Two variegated Peace Lily's. One Alocasia. One variegated Philodendron.
Hanging: Hoyas, Lipestick and a Gold Fish Plant.

However, my bathroom plants are on the second floor, 'more sun,' in an unobstructed, west window.

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These sound neat! Citrus in the shower -- I might never get out!

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JessieC777(Washington State 5)

My aunt has an asparagus fern in her bathroom right by the shower and it does wonderfully! It gets probably an hour or so of humidity from the shower daily

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

Is there still a catalog called Stoke's Tropicals? Years ago they had some lovely purple bananas. You could be the first in your neighborhood.

Found it: Home Page

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I'm thinking about ferns -- stand-up ones. This tropical catalog is so cool! To have bananas! But my shower isn't that big :(

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Albert, Stokes is still around...they now have a website; prices are much higher than their catalog days. :(

Reg. Yep, a dwarf citrus like Calamondin doesn't take much space. Imagine fragrant blooms and little, round oranges!

An upright fern or Asparagus Fern, 'not a true fern,' would be nice.
I once saw an upright fern called Traveler's Fern, but don't know it's botanical name and can't find it on the net. It grows tall, like hardy Ostrich Fern, NOT hardy in cold states, but as it ages, widens too. Probably too wide for your shower.

Another nice plant would be Bromiliad. I suggest a very young, B. aechmea fasciata. Please Google photos when you have time.

You're lucky you have a large shower space. I placed my Gardenia in the tub for a shower, 'two days ago, lol.' It takes half the tub. In order to shower, we have to squeeze our bodies between the leaves and shower head..dh and son are oh, so happy... LOL.

Have you made any decisions yet? Toni

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For those of you who have plants in your bathrooms/shower area, is there a noticeable smell from the plants? I guess I'm talking about the smell of damp, richly moist soil (which I love) but I'm wary about the smell of dirt being too strong in the area which I bathe, heh.

I'd love to have some plants in my bathroom. (Ahh, I'm already getting addicted!) It's a small area, I'd have to hang them in the corners, probably. Small West window, but very bright.

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There's not a smell, unless you stick your nose in the soil (like any other plant would have). I have a pothos right on my windowsill, only a foot away from the shower head and on nose level, so I'd smell it if there was.

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I moved a peace lily into the shower that never got watered enough and was a bit sad, and it seems to be responding positively already. I think I'm going to try the asparagus fern. I'm afraid the few hours sunlight might not be enough for the calamondin, although a fruit forest in my shower sounds great!

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Astro, after plants are showered, there is a distinct scent..a very pleasant fragrance. Not as strong as a freshly cut grass, but a hint of Mother Nature.
The smell is hard to describe.

However, the scent is only noticeable after plants are showered, 'unless they're flowering,' but that's another story.

Reg, Asparagus Ferns grow large, but can be pruned back. Asparagus Fern/Sprengerii isn't a true fern, grows faster than real ferns.

I got these two Sprengerii's as babies. They're pruned yearly in early spring. They can be pruned more, but from mid-summer until mid-winter, white flowers followed by berries appear.

Picture was taken last summer. They're both Sprengeriis, 'same family as Asparagus Fern.'
One is Ming Fern the other is Fox Tail Fern..

Over the years they've been repotted every 2-3 yrs..roots are thick, take over a pot. In other words, Sprengeriis can grow large.

If you want to keep Asparagus Fern a certain size, roots and stems need pruning. Toni

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