Saving a broken spider plant stolon

kwie2011(8a/8b W. OR)March 15, 2014

A stolon with very immature plantlettes broke off my spider plant, and I'd like to save the plantlettes if possible, but none of the have yet formed any roots. The stolen has over 40 plantlettes on it, and it branches about 6 times, but not one plantlette is ready to plant. Can I save them by keeping the stolon in water, or something? I'm sure the stolon won't root, but could the "babies" mature enough on stolon separated from the mother plant that I'd be able to plant them later?

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How small are the babies? I've had small ones with no roots at all break off and I just stick them in water. I know it might be better to put them directly in soil, but I use water and never have a problem. They develop roots in no time.

Good luck!

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I agree with the idea of trying to put the individual baby plants in some water. Baby spiders will grow roots if the base of the baby plant is in water.

I think that would be a lot more likely to work than putting the stolon in water. I think that the stolon would probably die quickly the way a cut flower would.

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kwie2011(8a/8b W. OR)

Some of the little plants are only a couple of leaves, and a few are about 6 leaves, but all seem very, very small. I'll try planting some, and leaving the very premature ones on the stolen to see what happens.

Thanks guys!

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kwie2011(8a/8b W. OR)

Thanks for the help, guys. I don't know that I lost a single pup, and some of them weren't as big around as a dime.

I planted pups with just 3-4 little 1/4-inch leaves, right into the soil of the parent plant, surrounded them in some live Pacific NW moss to retain moisture, and sprinkled them with water every few days, and I think they all survived (might've lost 1 or 2 tiny ones out of several dozen). The pot will soon be overrun.

Thanks so much for the advice!

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