Thoughts on Monstera pruning?

gravyboots(7B)March 9, 2011

I'm just daydreaming ahead a few months....

But, my Monstera is walking on the wild side. We haven't decided if it's going to stay in this house & get trained around (in that case, no or less pruning) or move when I move, or what.

The leaves aren't all that large, but the petioles are VERY long - like, 24"! many years of lowish light, I suppose? - so it just looks outta control. It is outta control.

Anyone know how it will respond to pruning?

I also have a red Phil that is wildly leggy with little leaves - for sure a low-light issue! - that I'm also thinking of pruning in... oh, 6 months or so. It's on a make-shift trellis & happily climbing, but looking... well, ratty.

Lots of new growth on both of them though!

Thanks All!


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

It will respond happily to pruning by making more branches in the axils (crotches) of leaves on the branches you pruned at least the ends off of. Pruning all branches back to 2 leaves and eliminating the branches that don't contribute to an attractive appearance is the best way to a full and balanced plant.


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