Hawaiian spider babies?

greattigerdane(z5NY)April 5, 2011

This is a photo of my sister's four new baby spiders that she won on-line recently. I saw the picture the seller had of the "mother" not babies.I have not seen a good clear version of Hawaiian babies yet, so I can't be sure if these are just plain variegated babies, or the variegated Hawaiian babies???

The mother spider that was pictured looked just like a Hawaiian to me, and the seller stated the babies would grow up to look like the mother.

By the way, the listing was a tad confusing, it was for "two solid green spiders" even though you could clearly see a dull goldish stripe in the mother's leaves. Coo coo?

Here's the babies in question....


Billy Rae

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Thanks Billy Rae though this is not a succulent, nor cactus, I still enjoying seeing the plant, and it is knockout. Norma

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Thanks Norma!

The best part is, my sister loves to share!

Billy Rae

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hey Billy Rae,

What about it is Hawaiian? Looks like lovely variegated Spider babies to me.

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Hey Karen,

Like I mentioned, the mature Hawaiian has green leaves with gold, or goldish/greenish colored stripes down the middle, but the babies hanging from look different. The little leaves are more white and green.
I remember seeing this spider at a local greenhouse a couple od times at Target, It looked really nice, but wondered how/why the babies could be so different than the parent!

Billy Rae

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hey Billy,

Sorry, yea, you did say that about the goldish down the middle.

Well, I'm no botanist or horticulturist but I do love variegates & have had a lot of them, some different species. Ficus, Aralias, Hoyas, Euphorbias & even a variegated Aloe.

The one thing I've seen common in variegates is tremendous leaf variability, from branch to branch & even leaf to leaf on the same plant. Could that be part of it?

Also, some plants look rather different when they're juvenile vs. mature. Maybe they'll grow into looking more like their mother?

I've seen this in Sans. where some leaves are cylindrical while the pup had flat leaves. I didn't believe it until I unpotted it & saw they were connected.

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Hi Karen,

Yes, I agree, your right about variegated differences in plants leaves when still in their juvenile state. That's one of the things which makes growing plants interesting. You never know what's going to pop up.
if you look at a mature Hawaiian mother with babies, the difference in leaf coloration is quite striking No bright white in the mother as with babies.
As you can see from the photo, the babies don't even resemble the mother at all (my opinion) until they grow larger which makes for a pretty cool looking specimen!In time they babies will grow to look like the mother.

It sounds like you have a very nice collection:)

Billy Rae

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Billy, by chance, could it be a Variegated 'Bonnie' Spider? It resembles mine.

This was sold to me, 'cuttings,' as Hawaiian. It's not variegated, but has a stripe down the center.

This is another Spider bought oh Ebay, called Variegated 'Gold.' I'm starting to wonder if I mistakenly misnamed it..lol.

Also, does anyone know if there's such a thing as a mini/dwarf Spider? I found this guy at Jewel. It has very thin leaves, and stays a certain height. Any ideas?

The Spider is a lot smaller than the pic shows..It's about 7" tall, 4" wide..leaves are about 1/4" wide. Toni

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Hi Toni,

No, I don't believe the babies are 'Bonnie's. I have one and the leaves of the babies don't seem to match.

In your second photo, your plant is gorgeous! It's the same kind of plant the seller had in their listing. The seller said what the babies he/she was selling would grow up to look like, but it doesn't look like YOUR babies have as much white in them as my photo, so who knows if this is for sure a Hawaiian. Time will tell I guess.I hate when sellers don't use the exact same plant(s) they are selling!

Your third spider is a real beauty too, love the variegation! You said the seller called it Golden? I have heard that same name referred to with the Hawaiian.

I have to get HD when it warms up. I bought this spider a couple of yrs back (gone now) and I want to get another one.It has a lot of white and the green lines where random, some thick, some very, very thin down the middle of some of the leaves, and the long stems that the babies grew off of were straw colored. I don't think I have ever seen that color of stems before.

Billy Rae

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Billy, is it possible Hawaiian and Golden are one and the same? Got it on Ebay..the seller, 'though very nice,' didn't have many plants nor did she know names.
Before seeing the Golden on her Ebay site, I'd never heard of Golden or Hawaiian.

BTW, Billy, I didn't forget you..a promise is a promise..Just too cold right now, Toni

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Well, you know how "common" names are thrown around, it's whatever someone wants to call something:)

It's warming up here sloooooowly. Monday it's suppose to be 70! Hard to believe! I'm sure it won't last long though. Around here there's a saying.... If you don't like the weather, wait a minute!

Thank you Toni:)
Billy Rae

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Billy, yes, I've heard the 'Saying.' lol.

The problem with some sellers on Ebay, especially those who have mostly common plants, and only one page...even if they knew the Botanical name, they could get it wrong. lol. I've seen many Botanical mislabled plants on Ebay.

Crazy weather, huh? Supposed to be 80F Sunday, but we'll see when Sunday comes..they change predictions every couple hours. We're supposed to get seven days of rain..so far they're right..

You're welcome, Toni

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I just had to email this seller one time because they had a aglaonema (chinese evergreen) listed as a peace lily, lol. Silly sellers!

Keep dry:)
Billy Rae

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Billy, was the seller on Ebay? lol..I too have contacted a few sellers, explaining they mislabled a plant/s. lol.

One seller admitted he makes up names. lol. Said, he'll look at a plant..the first name that comes to mind, voila, the plant has a new ID..Toni

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Yes, it was ebay. I only contacted the one seller, but as you know, there are quite a few that list plants with weird unheard of names, not even using well known common names like for instance, snake plant. They'll use made up cutesie names like butter fingers, lol just to make a sale.

Billy Rae

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Butter Fingers, lol..."And it grows real butter." lol

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@hopeful author:i bought the last plant that you're wondering about and found it's not actually a spider plant!it's in the same family but doesn't produce stolons or babies.the scietific came is chlorophytum laxum

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Matt, thanks..I'll have to Google, see if there's info. No babies?

How long have you had yours? Do you know its length of leaves at maturity?

Thank you much..Toni

PS..any pics?

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hi, i love spider plants. some people just dont get it because they arent very colorful and showy (my husband being one of those typed that dont get it) anyways, i used to have a nice collection of plants but then we had to vacate our home fairly quickly and i lost most of my plants in the move. im looking on here for anyone who would be willing to share some babies off their plants so that i could get back to collecting? im hoping for it to be possibly considered a gift from one plant lover to another because i dont have much to offer in return but if need be i will offer to crochet a plant hanger for you. ive just started making my own plant hangers, and i dont know how to do macrame yet but i can crochet and they are turning out pretty nice. i hope that i can start my collection back up, i live on a very limited budget because im a stay at home mom so i cant go out and buy what i want, and this would make my day to be able to have lots of plants again. thank you.

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