My Funky Maranta

ariel7576(7b)April 19, 2014

Evidently, it blooms. Kind of insignificant flowers, but I do not provide ideal conditions, so I was surprised to see it bloom anyway.

Please ignore the pot. I know it clashes with the plant. The plant was growing much too laterally for my taste, so I took some orchid sticks and tried to make it a bit bushier.
Is there any harm to doing that?
It has put out some aerial roots. I guess they are creepers.

Any suggestions? I increased the light so the undersides of the leaves would get red/purple again. (And, as I said, I know I need to increase the humidity somehow.) Anything else?

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Staking it is fine, it won't cause the plant any harm. They are trailing plants by nature, but some like the busy look. I plan to stake mine too.

Do you feel that it is receiving enough light? Has the red returned to the underside od the leaves?

This is how I have humidity for my 'Prayer Plant' and it seems to work.

The blue thing underneath the pot is a ziploc lid lol. My 'Prayer Plant' is potted in a plastic pot which sits inside a glazed ceramic pot. The glazed ceramic pot is 5.5in and the "pebble tray" is 10in. Plenty of surrounding area for lots of evaporating water... That and the smaller the tray, the more frequently I have to fill it.


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Planto, I think it is *now* receiving enough light, but it wasn't for several months. Old leaves were normal with the purple underside and striking venation. Then new leaves were just varying shades of green really and the purple on the old leaves faded somewhat. BUT, since I moved it (weird: I think this is the only plant I have that I don't call "little guy") to a better-lit location, it seems happy. There's been much more leaf production since the move, and the leaves are more normally sized and coloured.

Does one trim/prune (I'm sure those words are technically not synonymous) marantas? How/with what goal in mind?

Can they be propagated by taking a section with an aerial root & cutting that? I may experiment, but not just yet, and not before seeing what others think.

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It sounds like wherever you have it now, it's happy (I wouldn't move it).

You can prune them, some say that's how to keep them "bushy" and you can propagate from the stems, but how to go about doing that (where to trim, how to root the stems)... I have no idea. Mine hasn't gotten big enough for me to worry about it yet, so I haven't researched it. Sorry.


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I'll see what I can search up when it starts spreading out too much again. :)

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they grow naturally as a ground cover, spreading laterally.
i think in a hanging basket it will trail.
i came upon this in one of aroideana journals (i think?)
a well known anthurium grower (a. need very high humidity levels, similar to maranta) in dry climate (AZ?) was doing this:
take a larger shallow pot that is larger than the bottom of the pot your plant is in. it needs to be least 3-4" deep. Fill it with 1" rocks and then cover all the rocks with water. Sit your plant pot on top of the rocks. Make sure the rocks rise above the water level. you can let water run down into the rocks when you water, or top it up regularly to keep the water level high.
it seems similar to putting it on pebbles tray, just deeper and rocks are larger sized - may be for more evaporation?
i am going to try this.

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I might give that a shot as well.

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