any on know about string of bananas

murphy357April 18, 2008

I was at my wholesale supplie today to get a string of beads plant. Of Course they were out but they had a string of banana plant. Looks the same just longer pods. Does any one know how to propagate these. Would you just place them over top of a pot with dirt in it or would you use a medium. I was told they were easy to take care of.Thank you in advance

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Murphy, String of Bananas will root either way..placing atop soil, or sticking a stem in soil. I don't think individual 'bananas' will root like Kalanchoe, but never tried it either.
Accents sells both bananas and beads. Toni

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you can just root the same way you root the String Of Beads

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)


I believe individual leaves will root the same way as, what's that common name "burros tail"? aka Sedum morganianum. Sure wouldn't hurt to try.

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I have a string of....footballs-not quite pearls or bananas. I have a bit of trouble getting mine to root. I think my most successful try was in moist perlite or was it seed starting stuff. I kept a plastic bag over it most of the time. I seem to have problems with the strings drying up and dying before they root. I love my plant and have kept it alive for several years and managed to give some starts away. I find it needs more water than most other succulents.

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