Can anyone identify this houseplant???

dragonlillyApril 2, 2013

I think it may be a chinese evergreen. I am obviously doing something wrong. It has these thick stems that the smaller stems come from. If anyone can help that would be amazing. If I need to upload other pics just let me know.

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odyssey3(7 noVA)

Definitely a Chinese evergreen. I would say that the soil looks too heavy, or maybe too peaty--either way, it should be in a better potting mix. I like Al's gritty mix. Another thought--it may be planted too deeply in the pot. Was it recently transplanted? Finally, what kind of light is it getting? It is a lower light plant and that top leaf may be sunburned. It could be a result of soggy soil too though. Just giving you my thoughts in hope of finding some answers for you and your plant.

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Aglaonema is the botanical name, if you search under that you should find a lot of cultural advice. It does look as though it may be over-potted, that is, too large a pot for the size of the plant. The danger then is that when you water, there is more in the pot than the plant can use, and the outside roots may get swamped.
Browned off leaves could, as the previous poster says, be too much light, but also too little, too much water, insects (spider mite?). Not hopeless certainly, any of those canes could shoot again and provide you with a nice plant

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

You could be right, but it looks to far gone to me

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Dragon. I agree your Aglaonema pot is too large.
What size is the container? If you recently repotted, how much space was between rootball and inner pot?

Yes, your plant needs work, but don't be too hasty tossing.

Aglao's are rhizomatous.
An Aglao, down to its last leaf will often sprout new stems.

Aglaonemas do well in medium-bright light, 'no direct summer sun.'
They're humidity-lovers. High humidity is one reason they do so well in green houses.
I fertilize my Aglaos with Fish Emulsion. Since they're slow-growers, they're fertilized once a month at half-strength, during growing season.

Aglaonemas dote on misting/showers in the sink.
Fill sink with water... allow pot to sit in water until top soil is saturated.
During regular waterings, Aglaos are watered from the top when soil feels crumbly.

Aglaos detest wet feet. Rhizomes will rot.

Your plant needs a little more light.
Although Aglao's are sold as low-light plants, 'nonsense,' too much shade will cause spindly growth. Toni

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Hi & welcome to GardenWeb! Totally agree with Toni, don't throw that away. A little more light, a lot less water. Good luck!

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Hi.....I agree with alittle TLC it will again be a beautiful plant....I buy plants like that off the dead plant rake at Lowes.....I have started getting these plants and bringing them back to life and beauty...its fun....and with the help from everyone here on GW....I have been doing OK at it......good luck....linda

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Heck YEAH Linda!

NEVER throw anything out! Where there is a node there is hope! lol

Seriously though,..the majority of my plants started out like that,either other people's throw-aways or slip cutting starters.

Anyone can BUY a plant...the challenge(to me anyway)is more oft than not,..making something from next to nothing. :)

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