Abutilon leaves being cut off

katsols(7b)April 27, 2013

The past few days the leaves on my abutilon have been missing and in a strange way.. i'm not sure if it's wind damage, birds or squirrels. Basically leaves are either really bent closer to the branch and most of the time it is completely cut off, a little bit of the leaf stem is left. What should it do and what could it be?

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Hi Katsols...Wind, birds and squirrels could be the culprit.

Are leaves chewed?

I've seen birds land and bend stems. Squirrels litterally knock down citrus and my olive to get at fruit. (in pots)
And wind, well, living near the Windy City, strong winds tip over, in the process break plants..sometimes in half.

Is your Abulton in-ground or containers? Vine or erect? Toni

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it's in a container on the balcony

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