Help identify yet another plant

ladysingsthblusApril 17, 2013

This one was posted on another forum.
"Just popping by to see if anyone could help identify this plant/weed thing I found. I live in temperate Georgia, and I found these in the lawn of a house that hasn't been lived in for a couple years and is being renovated. They look very onion-like to me and some of the tendrils have clover-like leaves on them. They're also pretty small, the knobby bits being only like an inch or two in length. "

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It does look like Oxalis, some of which are dreadfully weedy and hard to remove as bulbils form off the larger ones which spread - hence you need to remove a good sod of earth and possibly sieve soil around to ensure removal. Chemical control probably would work too once larger ones are out.
Mind you there are a lot of very nice, non-invasive flowering oxalis but odds are that this isn't one of them

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LOL I was a little too slow! :)

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Indeed, you were both quite fast! I appreciate it.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Not sure where you are, but surprised those plants aren't full of little pink flowers. They might already be finished in Z10, IDK.

I love this plant! I use them as borders, and around trees. They make an awesome ground cover that doesn't mind being mowed, or occasionally driven over. One of the earliest bloomers in the spring. When I dug out the grass for one of my beds, that part of the lawn was about 50% Oxalis. I separated all of the bulbs from the grass roots and put them back in the bed. Did that last spring and after just one year, it's packed with pink flowers. When I want space for something else as I acquire plants for this new area, it's easy to move since they are bulbs. I've been moving a lot of it this spring to put around trees and shrubs so DH can stop trying to get so close to the trunks with the mower. If planted thickly enough, it's one of few plants that can actually help control grass with the thick bulbs and taller, earlier foliage.

Looks very pretty with Myosotis. (The tomato cage is ugly but stops our dog from laying in the flower bed.)

Not really a house plant though, if you'd like to keep it, I'd recommend putting it back outside if you have somewhere for it.

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