mfalAugust 21, 2014

I make a foolish mistake and I think I know what I have to do, but do not want to admit it . I was attacked by bees in my vegetable garden (they were yellow jackets living in the ground ) will I got so Mad I sprayed Raid bee killer in the soil where I thought I seen them coming from . also on the plant in that area . Can we still harvest and eat the tomatoes and what about the surrounding plants ?

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Yellow Jackets aren't bees, and fortunately Raid doesn't make a "bee killer" spray.

Since these are ground-dwelling insects, there is no need to spray the plants they are near, and as you see, good reason not to,

Anyway, what you need to do now is find the product you used and look at the ingredients. Typically, the active ingredient is something like permethrin, which should do no lasting harm. I would be more worried about the propellant, which is often some petroleum distallate. This is what makes the stuff smell so awful.

I woudn't eat anything you sprayed that stuff directly on, if it's a petroleum product.

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Technically Yellow Jackets are classified as wasps. Honey bees are related and many if not most folks use the term bee for wasps, hornets and sweat bees as well as honey bees. Most likely the product used was Raid Wasp and Hornet spray which is not particularly hazardous but is certainly not meant to spray on edibles. I agree with ltilton, I would discard any tomato that was directly sprayed. Everything shoudl be clear after a 7-10 day waiting period.

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The people to ask this question is the company that made the product you sprayed. There should be a phone number or website address on the container. Call/email them and tell them exactly how you used it. They will tell you if/when it's safe to eat the produce that was exposed to the spray.

Always read and follow the label directions on any pesticide you use, most especially near your vegetables.


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I understand not to eat any vegetable that can in contact with the spray , my concern is I sprayed it into the soil can the chemical go to the vegetable through the roots ??

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