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Beachcomber02642April 15, 2013

One more!
I recently received this plant as a sympathy gift. Would appreciate it if someone could supply identification and care information.

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ashley05 (MI zone 6a)(6a)

That's a peace lily. I got one from a recent funeral too. It's actually an Aroid, not a Lily.

I was told that you need to take it in the shower and rinse it really well with tepid water to get all of the stuff they used on it to make it "pretty" for the service. It clogs the pours. I haven't done that with mine yet because mine is huge and my bathroom, not so much.

I have mine where it gets a good amount of light, but nothing direct. It's in good-draining soil. I water it when the soil seems a bit dry. I've read that you wait for a peace lily to droop before watering it, but a couple of helpful people on GW said doing that too many times will kill it. I've fertilized mine once at half strength. I haven't had it long, but it seems to be doing well. I see new growth, so that's a good sign.

If you have any more questions, check on the Ariod forum. They'll have more experience with it than I do and will be able to help much better.

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