Peace Lily - Sick? Repot Needed?

schila(8)April 25, 2011


I've had a Peace Lily for over 1.5 years in the same pot ( 4" plastic pot ). When we bought it it had 3 - 4 blooms and when the blooms died I have only had like 2 more blooms, with one of them right now. The problem that I see with my Peace Lily is that the leaves have brown tips and they are drooping even thought I water it yesterday. I only try to water it once a week or when I feel that the pot is light in weight. The leaves do look crowded for the 4" pot. If I decide to repot it, is it ok to repot it while is giving me one (1) bloom? It is close to a window but not getting direct light.

Is there a way that I can post a picture here so that anybody can help me with my peace lily?

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Grantgarden2 Zone 5a/b

well if it has been in a small pot for over a year, then yes i would repot it in a 5 or 6 inch pot. The browning tips could be by not having enough humidity. To solve that problem just put a bowl of water by the pot for humidity.

Hope this works

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Please repot it in orchid mix,the one which doesn't contain peat( I bought one in Lowes)Don't buy Miracle Grow because all their mixes contain peat which cloges the roots. before repotting remove all the old soil( I like to hose it w/water).then you'll see size of the pot you will need.most of the time when you remove the soil very little roots left.If you see rotten( brown and smelly roots) cut them with sterile knife.let roots callous for at least a day.repot in plain clay terracotta pot.I water with Spring water or tap water left at least 24 hrs. Chlorine cause browning. Hope this helps.

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Your plant needs more water. Don't let it sit in water, but don't let the soil dry out completely, either. And I agree that a repot is in order.


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Have you ever flushed your soil with fresh water to get rid of all the salts that accunilate in it from tap water and fertilizers which they despise and usually shows up in the leaves as you described? This usually occurs only after a few weeks in most peat based mixes.

Do you fertilize it? How often? With what?

Have you looked at the roots to see what they look like?

Something tells me the roots have been expiring from damage which makes it nearly impossible for them to rehydrate your plant properly after a watering, which in turn causes root rot, which explains the leaves being limp, even after a watering.

If your plants has been in the same mix for that long, a repot would only benefit it besides.
I would repot into a fast draining mix that will hold its structure for a long time,stays evenly moist, and allows you to water more frequently with fear of salt issues and root rot.
You may even see a stark improvement sooner than you think once you have opened the soil mix while at the same time it desolves your salt issues immediately.
You can even examine the roots while washing the old soil off to see how they are.

It would not hurt if you even learned how water retention works in a container and got an understanding of well structured mixes to provide your plants the best possible care you can have at your finger tips...

Here, see what all the buzz is about. I will link you:-)

Happy growing


Here is a link that might be useful: Container Soils-Water Movement

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I'm sorry Shila, but my computer would not let me go back and fix a typing error until after it posted! I corrected it by putting the word in bold letters I meant to say.

"I would repot into a fast draining mix that will hold its structure for a long time,stays evenly moist, and allows you to water more frequently WITHOUT fear of salt issues and root rot".

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Thanks for all the response.
@ Elichka: repot in orchid mix??? Really? I have looked everywhere and this is the first time I've heard of repotting in Orchid Mix. The orchid mix that I have at home is the real orchid mix make of mostly bark. The pot where is right now is a 4' plastic pot. I bought a 12' plastic and 8' plastic pot. Which one should I repot it in?
I will attached a link with some pictures as it is right now. I hope it works. Just in case, the 4' pot is inside the ceramic pot.

Here is a link that might be useful: Photos for my peace lily

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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

The size pot you use is going to depend on what type of mix you chose to use.

If you go with a well aerated mix like Mike provided a link for, than you can go with any size pot you'd like.

If you use a commercial/ pre packaged mix than it should probably only go up to a 6" pot.

If your plant is wilted the day after you water, than chances are good it is a root/soil problem.
Brown tips can be from it not getting enough water to the tips of the leaves, due to lack of roots, or salts that have built up in the soil.

Mike has given you some great advice already. I hope you take a little time and read the link he provided, and take into consideration, what he has posted. He'll get you and your plant back on track if you follow his lead.


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Hi Schila, its not my idea to pot it in Orchid Mix. If you want to research it was a thread on this forum about Peace Lily. Guy name i believe was Steve,he is a president of Aroid Foundation. he explained that peace lilies are aroids and need to be watered,even daily.the most successful mix he recommends is orchid mix(bark+ perlite)Drains freely,empty saucer. i did it to my peace lily and it looks great. Size of the pot depends on size of your rootball.Wash it off,trim rotten roots,then you'll see what size is good for your Peace Lily.I'm familiar with Container Soil thread,and its great, especially if you grow succulents,cacti(Gritty Mix I use myself)But for Peace Lily orchid mix works best in my opinion especially if you have it on hand. To built another mix you need Turface,granite grit,small bark which is hard to'll have to order those things. I do order them,but I grow succulents.For aroids(Peace Lily) Orchid Mix works well enough. Hope it helps

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couldn't link it for some reason;(
RE: Sad Peace Lillies (Follow-Up #1)
posted by: exoticrainforest on 06.11.2010 at 11:04 am in House Plants Forum

What kind of soil did you use? In nature Spathiphyllum species grow along stream banks often standing in water and full sun. However, the soil is extremely porous and fast draining. In a pot they love fertilizer, bright light and frequent water, but the roots must be able to poke around freely in the soil. If you use a porous soil mix (you can make it yourself) the roots won't stay in soggy soil and rot.
I grow 8 large ones in an aquarium with fish and the produce inflorescences all the time.

Here is a link that might be useful: Growing Spathiphyllum and mixing soil

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Steve Lucas, of Exotic Rainforest, sadly passed away this January.
But his website Exotic Rainforest lives on. And it is a wealth of information.

I'll also link you to a Thread on GardenWeb where I posted several relevant
passages from Steve's website: Spathiphyllum Thread.

I hope it's helpful!


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