Bird of Paradise seedlings

rich24ukApril 16, 2013

Has anyone grown these from seed before? I'm wondering at what point I need to think about potting on as they are getting a bit packed in. They've been growing for about 3 months and seem to be doing well

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I've never been much of a seed starter. Cuttings and divisions have been my preferred method of collecting...until I got my hands on some aglaonema seeds just recently. And now you come along with BOPs.

This could become a problem. lol

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I've grown some from seed - In Australia near Brisbane, so the parent plants are grown outdoors in the ground. Yes yours are doing well but the seedling tray is quite shallow and I would recommend that you pot them up separately very soon otherwise the root growth will become a bit distorted. I'd go for a 5 inch pot, you'll be surprised how quickly the roots will develop.
In the ground, they are very hardy but tenacious and the root system is a fair devil if you find you've planted them in the wrong spot. They are, however, a bit slow growing when younger and may take many many years to reach flowering size. But what a cool way to increase a plant, and the seeds are lovely with their little fluffy orange crest!

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