Should I repot?

marricgardensApril 6, 2013

PB isn't working for me so I can't post a picture. My antirrium is doing great, flowering right now. My question is, should I wait til it stops flowering before I transplant? Also, I think it has a bit of fungus so if I transplant should I dust the roots with cinnamon? Right now the plant is still in the same pot it came in but about twice the size it was. It's in a peaty type mix now, but I was thinking of adding bark to improve the draining. Would that be better? Thanks for any help. Marg

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This snapdragon, I assume you saved it over winter...or was it entirely kept as a houseplant. Snapdragons are mostly a garden bed perennial which is mostly grown as annuals in your zone.
Since the flowers don't last long---you can keep deadheading to promote a 2nd coming, they usually are kept for one season, allowed to go to seed and promote the new flowering.
(although no guarantee they'll produce the same color or strength.

Fungus--you might try dusting the top of the soil with baking soda or spray a fungicide on the leaves. (don't spray any flowering)
Because the sun is now coming up in intensity, watering is now accepted the plant will use what you give it. Try watering to drainage then let the soil dry down and test with your finger down to the first knuckle before watering again.
Its still only April---so water only as the plant can use it. its easy at this time of season to overwater.

As the plant gains bloom a little 15/30/15 will promote them--but do deadhead regularly.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Pardon me, but it seems the question is about Anthurium. The response is about Snapdragons. Did I miss something?

If mine, I would do nothing to it while still in bloom, just enjoy.

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Antirrhinum = the botanical name for snapdragons. :)

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

I had the same question as Karen. Because this is the Houseplants Forum, I thought the question might be about Anthurium .... even though the spelling was very close to (Antirrhinum) - the genus for snapdragon, which can also be grown as a houseplant with a little attention to detail.

If it's a snapdragon, it should be debloomed, disbudded and repotted asap. If it's Anthurium, it would be better to wait until summer to repot and root prune - unless it's found that the root system is in jeopardy from one of the common damping off diseases, in which case it should also be repotted now. Repotting is different than potting up, btw. If you suspect root rot, potting up, especially into the same soil, isn't a good strategy.

Ideally, you would be able to wait to perform a full repot into a fast-draining soil that allows you to water copiously at every watering (so you're flushing the soil) w/o concern that root issues will develop.


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Sorry for the mix-up, it was for anthurium, my mistake. Glad you caught it pirate_girl. Despite the mix-up, thanks for the advice. Marg

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