Why do all my plants die?

miss_mouse_ukApril 16, 2010


I moved to France last year, and since then I'm having really bad luck with houseplants. They're all dying on me! Plants that we had brought with us when moving have died and now I bought a Limonella plant which just appears to be drying up no matter how much I water it.

Is there any possible explanation based on the change of address? There is slightly less natural light here, but I can't believe it's enough to produce such a drastic reation. The only other thing I can think of is that the neighbour has a cat which wanders in and out of our appartment... Could he have done something?

Any rescue tips for the Limonella would also be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance, green-fingered people!


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

The most common reasons for consistent lack of success with indoor plants include: too frequent watering, improper watering (different from too frequent), poor quality potting mix, wrong plant for the site.

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The only thing I can think of that would be related to a change in address would be if your old house was reasonably humid and your new one is not.

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I doubt humidity has anything to do with it. Here in southern CA it is normally about 10% humidity...static cling all the time. I wouldn't be able to grow the plants I do if it were true. I do not run a humidifier, nor do I mist or provide pebble trays.
Your Limonella is probably not absorbing much. It maybe be planted in peat which can get rock hard and not absorb.

Shut the door and windows and keep the cat out.

90% of houseplants are killed by overwatering.

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What is the water like that you are using now? Could that be the problem?
Asking because I have large amounts of iron in my water. None of the plants mind and grow well here as long as I repot often and use a light mix for everything because the soil seems to compact much faster and gets rather funky after a length of time. Before I did this nothing lived all that long...Years ago too much lime was an issue where I grew up, pots were always heavily crusted with white...

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How long on average does it take before you loose your plants to the grim reaper?

The answer could well lie in this..:-)

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Maybe by the time you come back and get the help you need to rescue, you might loose another..;-(


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