Curative sprays for downy mildew on cucurbits

ltiltonAugust 20, 2014

It's been a really good year for cucumbers and other cucurbits, which I attribute both to a lack of pests and an assiduous preventive spray program. But now I'm seeing signs of disease on the older vines, whereby I realize that nothing in my arsenal seems to be curative, only preventative.

The Google reveals an array of curative products for this situation, but none of them seem to be available to the home gardener. Wondering if there's something out there I don't know about yet.

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Unlike baking soda and other organic/homemade remedies, I've read that potassium bicarbonate actually has some "cure" power.


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What I had in mind was something more chemical, not homemade.

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Once it has established, you don't 'cure' it. It hit the poinsettia trade about twenty years ago, and there is really nothing you can do realistically to treat it once it takes hold. It's about the proper cultural conditions, especially if the plants have been inoculated, and preventative measures.

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Yet people do suggest a number of products as curative, explicitly as opposed to preventative.

I hadn't heard of these and know nothing about them, so I wonder.

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If you are talking about fungal-type diseases, you need to realize that they are the toughest of diseases to treat, whether you mind poisons or not. Also, the metallic carbonates are true chemicals, not placebos. They deter by making the environment not so hospitable for the spores, and they add nothing toxic to humans.

Buying harsher chemicals will probably be a waste of money. Not every productive remedy involves clobbering the problem with a sledge hammer.

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Here are some of the products I refer to:

Previcur Flex (propamocarb, Bayer)

Tanos (fenamidone + cymoxanil, DuPont)

Ranman (cyazofamid, FMC)

Gavel (zoxamide + mancozeb, Dow AgroSciences).

These are claimed to have some curative properties against DM, that I wonder about.

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