Peace Lily Getting Ready For Spring HELP

soughtseven1035April 1, 2014

Hey guys,
I bought my peace lily last fall and its about to be spring here in Zone 6. I was scared when my first yellow leaf died, but about 5 new shoots came up with new leaves, so it made me happy.

Recently though, I have 2 old large leaves that have been wilted and I was trying to figure out why. I noticed a new leaf forming between the two of them, which is most likely why they are dying.

This new leaf is sandwiched between the stems and growing a leaf in there. What do I do? Do I just wait until the leaf comes through and the old stems die off, or do I cut the stems off so the new leaf can have room to grow?
Pic attached.

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Photo Synthesis

I would just leave them alone. As long as they're not dead, those leaves will still continue to photosynthesize and provide energy for the plant. Plus, letting the leaves die back naturally will give the plant a chance to reabsorb much needed nutrients and chlorophyll back from those leaves, to reuse again in the new growth. Much the same way that trees do with their leaves in Autumn (causing them to change color), so they can reuse them again in Spring when they put out new growth. Without having to expend any more resources than what is needed.

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Thanks for the educated reply. That was my feeling on what to do, just wanted a confirmation.

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