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plantmasterm(z7)April 15, 2012

Happy Sunday everyone, could you guys suggest a good site for house plants..I'm looking for a variegated nephythis ( don't know if I spelled this correctly)..I had this plant for a really long time and truly loved it, after I had surgery I couldn't take care of my plants & DH( and I don't mean dear) wouldn't so I lost quite a few of my plants.

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Plant, Happy Sunday to you, too. :)

The plant/vine? you're talking about is Nephthytis, often sold as Syngonium and visa versa.

Home Depot usually sells Nephthytis/Syngonium. If you're looking to buy online, Ebay has/d several available. Different varieties, too.

What color was yours??

Had to laugh at your DH I sincerely condone with you..been there, done that..TWICE! Toni

PS. I can check a few online nurseries I buy from if you'd like?

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randy_e(z9b FL)

White, yellow, mottled ??

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Hey Toni and Randye thank you for responding, Ive been online trying to find this vine and haven't had any luck so if you would yes pls Toni..randy e all mentioned..Toni I truly admire you, don't know how you did it..Im feeling so postal right now..thx guys

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Hi Plant,

Do you ever order from Ebay? I just checked, there's several varieties.
Here's the link.

It's long, just copy and paste. Hope GW allows this to go through.

Almost Eden Plants has one type for 9.99.

Black Jungle Nursery has some available, but plants are usually small.

That's a start. I'd check Ebay first. Prices start at 4.95.


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