Stripped cucumber beetles

CaraRoseAugust 28, 2013

I found a few of these guys on my summer squash. I'm not planning on doing much about them since the squash is on its last legs. We survived SVB with damage (thank you syringe and BT), but doing okay. Powdery mildew has been an issue on and off and is getting worse. Two appear to have mosaic virus (ironically, these two have been remaining the most productive). I'm using a SFG method where you prune the vine and stake it, so of course this probably left them a bit weakened with the leaf pruning and close plantings.

With the stripped cucumber beetles though, do I need to worry about overwintering larva doing damage in the garden next year?

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What should I take into consideration when prepping the beds either in fall or spring then? Is there any treatment that would be recommended?

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Some people apply beneficial nematodes around curcubit planting time. Some people apply an insecticidal drench, earlier.

After years of futilely trying to control this pest, I'd say that the key for you would be to eliminate as many as you can, now, before they have a chance to overwinter.

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cucumber beetle and squash beetle are both on my high priority search-and-destroy list. You could never really kill too many of them.

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Saw more today on my cucumbers. What's my best options for trying to kill them? I have malathion handy but have been avoiding pesticides for the most part this season.

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I had these pests for the first time this year. They seem to be a good candidate for "search and destroy" control. They feed on the top of the leaves and during the day. Much better than coming out at 2:00AM and hiding under the soil during the day. After many S&D missions in the spring, I thought they were gone so I stopped looking for them. But I found they were back in August. Now I just pull off the previous day's blossoms and that's where all the beetles are congregating. What could be easier?

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