Newly bought Kentia Palm dying , Help !

jaunuolisApril 20, 2013

Hello my dear gardeners,
I have bought my Kentia palm just a couple of weeks ago, and it seems that it is already dying ... I hope it is not too late to save it .. It is my second Kentia, as I had previous one which died after 4 years. So it looks for me as if this is the only plant that I don't know how to take care of .. I have a lot of plants at home, even some exotic ones, and they all doing just fine.

I hope pictures that I have attached will help to indicate the problem. I do not know weather that's overwatering or underwatering .. Or the quality of water, or the position I have placed it in.. I am concerned about the quality of the water in my current house, and I have bought a filter recently, so I could use the best possible water for my plants. I am also thinking about repotting it into a bigger pot, where it will stay permanently. However I do not know if it won't be any worse. As you can see my palm is quite huge, in comparison to the pot that it came in .. I am thinking abot using soil mix of 5 parts bark,1 part peat, 1 part perlite.. Would that be any good ?

Please help,any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Here's more pictures..

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Another picture ...

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That's how big it is ...

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

It is most likely on poor humidity and/or too much sun. It also looks like it needs to be repotted

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when you say humidity, you mean air humidity ? I am constantly spraying leaves with the same filtered water, because I still need to keep heaters on in the room. There can not be too much sun, as it is standing in a far cornert of the room, not at the window.

I will try to repot it asap.

Thanks again for advice.

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In their native state Kentias grow in full sun. However, any sudden move from shade to sun will cause damage. I'd think posibly poor drainage/overwatering is the likely cause of the damage. The soil in the pot may be old, broken down and compacted. When you repot check the roots for signs of rot.

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That's what I thought ... The soil in the pot is definatelly old ... It feels like it when you touch it ... Humid and compacted ... And if I find some roots are rotten, how do I proceed from there .. ? Many thanks :)

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Take scissors or clippers or whatever to the mushy ones and remove,dust with cinnamon and re-pot. Cinnamon is a fungicide as well as a snack on your toast! :)

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My understanding is that palms don't like to be repotted as it disturbs their roots. When I have to repot one, I slip it out (or cut it out) of the old pot. I place it in the new pot (still holding the form of the old one) and put new medium under and around the root ball. Your proposed mix sounds good.

I only give my plams rain, dehumidifier or air conditioner condensation water. Also, I always use a bamboo skewer to determine if it's time to water. I've had mine for about five years and it sits in a low light area, but not in a dark corner. I still get an occasional ratty leaf like the ones you've shown. I just cut them off.

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Thank you monet g for your help and advice ... I was just going to ask if it won't do any harm if I am going to cut those affected leaves .. As they look a lot worse now as we speak than in those pictures.. If so, where to cut ?? At the bottom of the stem or just the foliage ? However the rest of the leaves are doing fine, so far.. Still waiting for my potting mix ingredients to arrive, should be able to repot it this week .. I shall be very careful while doing that, but I think repotting at this point is inevitable :/ ''asleep in the garden'' mentioned before I should examine the roots and to cut the ones that are rotten.. That is what I am going to do ...

Thank you guys again !

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I cut off whatever is unsightly. If I cut down into the stem, I leave 3 or 4 inches above the soil line and get new growth.

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

Please dont be afraid to remove that old soil and put it in fresh miracle grow. most palms are tolerant of pot disturbance. in the end it will help the plant out by introducing new nutrients to the plant. The plants may cry allittle but be fine in the long run. cut off those rotton roots and discard. and cut off brown tips on the leaves

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Transplanting has been finished ! Thank you all guys for your help and support. I am sure it will get better real soon :)


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The same thing happened to me with the last 3 kentias that I purchased. The culprit was over watering. Let your kentia dry out a bit between watering. Only water until water begins to come out of the drainage holes. Leach soil once or twice a year. Fertilize with palm fertilizer according to instructions. There's not a lot of air circulation in that corner. It will stay wet longer. I've had my recent kentia for over a year. No problems. Only trim off the brown parts of the leaf. Don't cut into the green portion of the leaf. Kentias are very slow growers. You don't want it to end up with only one leaf. It will only grow one to 2 leaves per year.

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