Low-light Office Plant...?

rose_crazy(z5 MI)April 6, 2011

Ok, I'm wanting to buy a plant to place in my office but am having difficulties finding one suitable for the lighting conditions. Only light comes from a pair of north facing windows that have partial blinds over them and one west facing glass door around the corner from my desk. I'd like something that would provide some visual interest, be relatively easy to care for, and that will thrive in low-light conditions. I'd really appreciate some help with this as I don't want to purchase the wrong plant. Thanks.

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S. Trifasciata would probably do fine.

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rose_crazy(z5 MI)

I thought so too, but when I asked in that forum section they all said there wasn't enought light. So now I'm kinda back to square one looking for a plant.

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Parlor palm
Chinese evergreen
ZZ plant

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I grow these in my office. Only one North window. It is bright but gets no sun. They have been growing there for 4 years.

Large tree- Hawaiian Ti
Floor - Peace Lily]
File cabinet - Lucky Bamboo

The Peace Lily hardly gets any light. It sits shaded by the large cabinet. It flowers constantly.

The Ti plant was small when I first brought it in. It has gotten so large.


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karate626(7A Maryland)

Iron Plant and all of the above.


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Most Dracaenas, too. Toni

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