10-15-10 fertilizer use all the time??

trace00969April 10, 2007

I bought some liquid fertilizer, but the instructions say to use 7 drops per litre of water every time I water my plants......should I be using this all the time or just at fertilizing times.....the label gives the impression that I should be giving it to them every time I water.....I am confised....HELP!?!?!?!?

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I think all labels say that. I would only fertilize approximately once a month in the growing season.


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A high middle number indicates that it helps with blooming so I would only use those on flowering plants. Also, over fertizing is bad for the plant because fertilizers leave salt in the soil. As Gabi said, once a month is good. If you want to fertilize more frequently, you might want to cut back on the amount used. The rest of the time, just use water and make sure that the water come out of the bottom. This will help to flush out the salt left behind by the fertilizer.

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Many of these liquid fertilizers suggest dilutions that are actually weak enough to be used with every watering. I had a similar fertilizer, and the instructions said use 7 drops per quart with every watering, or 20 drops if only used once a month. So check, maybe your instructions say something similar. If you are concerned, you could certainly dilute further, say use 3-4-5 drops per quart instead of 7. Also I think some plants need more fertilizer than others, so it may depend on your plants.

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Trace, is your fertilizer made by Shultz? I once used this fertilizer, but didn't follow directions..During spring/summer months during fertilizing time, when using this particular brand I'd add half the dossage every 2 wks. In fact with any fertilizer, (and I use several types depending on plant) I divide dossage by half. Toni

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

When I had a hobby greenhouse my preferred method was to dilute the fertilizer and use it every time during the growing season. In winter I probably wouldn't. In the summer it just seemed simpler to do the same thing every time.

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