STRONG tasting broccoli...?

KjirstynAugust 21, 2012

Does anybody know what would cause broccoli to be so strong tasting that we can't eat it? My only guess was that it was due to heat (we got them in late this year due to garden remodeling) but I wasn't sure.

I'm new enough to gardening that I don't know if home grown broccoli IS just that much stronger and it's supposed to be a good thing (kind of like the frequent comparison of store bought vs. homegrown tomato flavor) or if it was actually something I could do something about next year. Thanks ahead of time for your advice!

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Just found another forum on this topic so I guess I'll dig into that first. Thanks anyway. :-)

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Insufficient water, planted too late in the spring so exposed to hot weather (broccoli is an early spring or late fall crop, not a summer crop), and to a small degree variety can make it bitter. But no, home grown broccoli is not normally bitter.

Since you didn't include your garden zone or location in your post it is impossible to provide more than general info but the most likely cause is that you planted it too late.


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My brusselsprouts have been in since april but there are no little brusselsprouts only big beautiful leaves. Is the heat the reason for that too? Will they grow in the cold.
Last year I harvested in November but it wasn't so hot last year. Do I need to feed them more?

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grandad_2003(9A/sunset 28)

Reason for strong tasting broccoli in my case (zone 9) would be hot climate. I've given up planting spring broccoli for this reason. I only plant broccoli in the fall. I seed in August/early Sept and set plants in mid Sept to mid October.

Regarding the non-productive brussels sprouts... my lack of production was related to variety. I had to switch from the OP varieties to hybrids (e.g. Jade Cross & Bubbles) to produce results. (As with broccoli, I only plant brussels sprouts in the fall... no experience with spring/summer planting.)

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Thanks Grandad, I guess I'll not pull them out. I'll wait to see what cool weather does. It was so hot this summer I'm surprised any thing grew. Next year I'll do a better search . I did start from seed this time and last year I used plants. Live and learn!

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