Fuzzy white bugs and scale!

flower.baby(southern oregon)April 26, 2013

I have a GIANT Hoya that is infested with these fuzzy white bugs (mealies??)
The Hoya is so huge, it is hanging in front of a window, with the vines wrapped around a curtain rod like a swag.

Because of its size, It nearly impossible to inspect every leaf for bugs. What would be the best way to get rid of them?

I am moving in a couple months, I was thinking I could take it down, bring it outside and hose it off really good, spray it with some kind of house plant pesticide, let it sit for a day, and repeat that process for a week.
Would that get rid of them??? What is the best spray to kill the fuzzy white bugs?

I also have a pregnant onion plant that is infested with scale. What is the best way to kill scale?

Help! I love these plants and I cannot throw them away :(

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If you cut the plant back, would it grow again? I know it's painful to consider this as an option but unless you can really work on every nook and cranny, and for multiple treatments - you may be defeating the purpose if you leave it large and don't give the plant the full routine.

So, painful - yes. I suggest that you cut back the plant to a few smaller, more treatable shoots - and, then first, wash all the leaves, stems with an alcohol/water solution and cotton swabs. After this, and letting it dry - then spray it with a neem oil/water concoction.

Re-treat by spraying weekly until you don't notice any returned bugs.

And, you know those curtains, and the pole? ... you will have to take those down and wash them. The mealies could be leaving egg deposits...

It's a monumental task, good luck.

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Hello Flower Baby,

So sorry about your Hoya and Pregnant Onion.

Minus mealy, your Hoya sounds lovely, hanging like a swag.

Can't help with mealy, but I'd spray with Fish Emulsion to kill scale.

FE has an odor, but kills scale fast. Since it's chemical-free, it won't harm your plant/s.
FE is actually organic fertilizer but works as an insecticide, too.

Warning: Fish Emulsion has a fishy odor, but the smell only lasts 1-2 days depending on the room, however you can spray outdoors.

Which Hoya do you have? Are leaves flat or curly, 'curly like Hindu Rope.'

Rubbing alcohol kills mealy, but only a certain percentage.

If you don't mind chemicals, a systemic like Bayer will kill scale, mealy and any other pest in soil and on leaves.

Good luck, Toni

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