Lettuce seeds

karachigardener(11)August 29, 2012

Will Simpson lettuce and rocket seeds germinate in hot weather? (around 85 to 95 degrees)

If so, then how deep do we have to plant them?

Also, I heard that rocket seeds need light to germinate, is that true?

If it is then how do we plant them?

Do we just place them on top of the soil or do we bury them?

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Lettuce won't germinate well at those temperatures. They require temps under 80.

Here is a link that might be useful: germination chart

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Just in case US readers are wondering about rocket. That's arugula. I call it rocket too but have learned the alternative name on these forums. Apparently it needs 40 - 55 Fahrenheit to germinate ie pretty cool by your standards. A nice warm spring day by mine. I don't know about the light thing. I just sow in a shallow groove. Seems to do OK.

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t-bird(Chicago 5/6)

simpson is a great cool weather lettuce, bolts very quickly - so I would wait on that.

Arugula. it bolts too, but you may be able to keep it clipped until the cool weather, however, it will get a very strong taste quickly in the heat - not sure if that will abate when the temps go down.

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