Gardenia update: Cuttings have rooted!

summersunlight(5b)April 14, 2012

Some might have seen my post about how I bought a small gardenia a couple months ago with the goal/hope of keeping it as a year-round houseplant. Knowing how fussy this plant is, one of the first things I did when I brought it home was take a LOT of cuttings as insurance policies.

After trying cuttings in a variety of setups, this seems to have produced the best root growth: Green tip cuttings in PERLITE, enclosed in a ziploc bag for humidity, and placed in bright indirect light (I used the northern window in my kitchen).

My plan is to grow the cuttings outside over the summer, while keeping the mama plant indoors.

So far the mama plant doesn't appear to have bugs, and knowing how buggy gardenia can be, I am wary of putting the one I want to keep as a houseplant outside.

If the outdoor ones do well, then the next experiment will be seeing if I can overwinter them in my garage.

Just thought that this might encourage people who love gardenias but have been frightened by them by all the bad news threads about them. :) So far my gardenia seems to have a will to live, though at this stage I still won't be surprised if it all falls apart.

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Hi Summer,

Congrats on getting Gardenia cuttings to root.
What are the length of roots and how long will you keep as they are until potting in a different container??

You said you tried a variety of setups. Were the cuttings in straight Perlite? No other medium?

About keeping in your garage during winter.
Since you're in z5B, it probably gets pretty cold. What's your garage temps in the coldest of winter? Is it humid and have air circulation?

Also, are you going to place cuttings in the ground, 'summer,' or in pots?

What type of light? Don't forget to start in shade. Especially newly rooted cuttings.

There are some real Gardenia horror stories floating around the net.
Some funny tales, too. Humor in place of regret. lol.

Don't worry about your Gardenia falling apart. Winter is the hardest. If your 'denia survives winter, it should do okay in the future. Getting through the first winter is most difficult, from then on it's fairly simple.

Mites, dry air, and heat are what harms are 'denias.
Thankfully, I have two cool rooms, at times turn on the ceiling fan, and keep humidifers and an indoor fountain running until heat is turned off in spring.
Showers and misting also are important.

Summer, my oldest Gardenia was purchased 1995/6, bought locally.
It's grafted. IMO grafted trees, despite type, are hardier.

Here's a pic taken Nov..

It needs pruning, badly. Don't know when it should be done though, and fear I'll cut bud stems. lol

I know, deep inside, it will never look as nice or flower as much as it did before purchasing. It lived in a warm, humid, green house, w/large fans.

Again, congrats, and good luck, Toni

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Toni, OMG -- that is soooo beautiful. Talk about a green thumb!!!

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