Why only male flowers on Butternut Squash?

donnaroeAugust 10, 2012

I am so disappointed. I only have one small squash on my plants. The plants were stressed in the past month/month and a half. We watered them-but I didn't want to do too much overhead watering with a sprinkler because I was afraid of washing pollen off flowers. We watered a little where the plants orginate from the ground-thinking the moisture would get to the roots that way. So the plants do no look that great. All of the flowers seem to be male. Recently, I have put fish emulsion fertilizer on them-I have read that the squash family are heavy feeders and I think the soil is poor where we have them. My husband added alot of sand and some soil to this area when he made it and I bet there is little food for the plants. Is it too late to really hit them with some plant food? I had Butternut Squash planted in the same place two years ago and harvested 20 squash. Thank you!

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I'm having the almost the same issue with zucchini. I only got 4 zucchinis. Down at the base of the plants, there appear to be a few female flowers, contrasted with many male flowers. Tomorrow I plan to try to pollinate the females(using a little brush or even one of the male flowers, stripped back). I've got many bees, but they're more interested in the many tomato flowers nearby, and I'm guessing that once a bee goes to the male zucchini flower that he's not going to the female zucchini flower afterwards. Anyone else have ideas on the subject? Good luck if you can try this, by the way.

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