blooming corn plant?

sarahbobarah(Zone 7 / n.e. AL)April 1, 2007

hi everybody :)

i THINK this is a corn plant... but i have no idea if the things on top of it are blooms?! can anyone help identify?

and let me know if there is anything i should be doing for it in this "stage" of it's life.



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chazparas(USDA zone 9 , San Jose, CA)

Yep they're going to be flowers! Stand back and get ready for the scent! It will perfume the entire house!

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watergal(z6/7 Westminster, MD)

Yes, it is a corn plant in flower - quite a rare accomplishment, good for you!!

Be prepared for the flower to drip lots of sticky sap on your floor - you may wish to put down a dropcloth until it's done blooming, at which point it will drop lots of tiny messy dried petals for you to vacuum up.

You may see the very top leaves begin to die off after it blooms. If so, I recommend whacking off the top several inches of cane. I think I read somewhere that after it blooms, the terminal tip of the plant dies and the plant begins to die, but I believe if you cut it back a little, it should be just fine. (I have one that went through this several months ago and so far, so good.)

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johnh_or(Portland OR Z8)

My Corn Plant bloomed a couple years ago. All of the above advice is correct except for the dying part. I didn't lop off the terminal tip and my plant is still going strong. It's almost 9 feet tall now. The scent can be so strong that it's almost overpowering....but it sure is a wonderful scent!

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watergal(z6/7 Westminster, MD)

I'm trying to find the site that said it could die (I'll keep looking), but perhaps I remembered the following incorrectly:

"Will the plant die?
No. The plant will continue to grow. It will begin by putting out a new head of foliage. The center of the plant -the growing tip - is no longer active after flowering. This new "head" will emerge out of the center of the foliage next to where the flower stalk was. This is similar to pruning a plant and new growth starts below the cut."

Sorry if I worried anyone!

Here's the rest of the site if you want to read it.

Here is a link that might be useful: dracaena site

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sarahbobarah(Zone 7 / n.e. AL)

how exciting!! thank you for sharing your pool of knowlegde. i'm looking forward to seeing my flowers progress.
thank you! thank you! thank you!! :)


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How did you get it to bloom?

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Hihen, I don't think a person has to do anything seems Dracaena's bloom when they feel like it..of course I think adaquate light helps..Toni

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Thank you for this information. I also have a plant that is bloomimg for the first time. I have had this plant for almost 20 years and never knew what type of plant is was. It started to bloom last week so I started to search for information on the plant and what to do. These post have been very helpful.

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watergal(z6/7 Westminster, MD)

I've noticed that all the dracaenas I tend seem to bloom around December, and only when mature and in good light.

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We have had this plant for about 12 years and just before thanksgiving we noticed it sent out a flower stem about a foot long with 6 groups of flower clusters. Last night I came home to the overwhelming scent of jasmine, and discovered that the flowers were all open! I believe it blooms at night. When I woke up the flowers were all closed. I will check again to see if it re-blooms. Very pretty dainty creamy white flowers.

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Oklahoma_Tim(z7a OK)

Cool pics, Sarah! How about an update?

Does anyone know if these flowers could produce viable seeds?

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I also have a blooming corn plant. The plant is about 18 years old the flowers have not yet bloomed but, i will keep u posted.

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I have a corn plant that was a gift in 1986 at my father's funeral. It bloomed the first time about 1996 in San Jose, CA where it had lots of indirect light. There was only one spike of flowers. In 2006 I cut the original stalk off because it was over 9 feet tall and repotted the plant along with smaller ones in a very large pot. Now it has bloomed again, here in WA, again in lots of indirect light but with two spikes of flowers. The stalk I cut sent out two shoots and they both have many leaves and a spike of blooms. What an amazing plant now 24 years old and still fragrant.

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our corn plant is 28 years old. it has moved around with us to 4 different homes from south florida to north central sits in our master bedroom in a corner with no lighting. i don't remember the first time it bloomed but i would guess it has bloomed every year for the last 15 years. today is 1-7-11 and it is in full bloom.

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Bet your house smells heavenly. You're lucky your Dracaena 'Corn Plant' bloomed w/o light..Do you mean it didn't get sun either? Wow! lol.
I've been waiting for my Song of India to bloom, even placed in a little more light. It bloomed yearly, then stopped last winter. I thought it was a light problem since it was placed in a shadier spot. Enjoy, Toni

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We've had our corn plant for about three yrs and it bloomed for the first time right around Christmas time filling our home with a wonderful scent. After the bloom dried I used a sharp knife and cut it off and our plant continues to grow and has reached 5 feet tall. It grows about a foot every year and continues to tower over the other plants in our home!

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We have had our corn plant for almost 20+ years. We have moved homes twice now in Central Ontario. Our corn plant bloomed for the first time about 6-7 months ago and we are now enjoying the fragrance again. It only comes out as one stalk (we haven't seen 2 yet). Our plant is in indirect lighting and also seems to blossom at night and close in the day (then zero fragrance). As well, the upper leaves seem to be dying off.

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Our plant just bloomed after 25 years. We've moved 4 times to 3 different states and I've wanted to throw the plant out each move because it looked like a half dead twig. But my husband wanted to keep it since it was the only plant we had before we were married. We moved to NY 3 years ago and the plant has been thriving ever since. We have it in a south window. Anyway, what a wonderful scent. I hope the plant does not die off as some suggest. I will watch it after the flowers die to see what happens. Our plant is approx 7 ft tall now.

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This is the first time in about 6 years that the plant bloomed. We adopted the plant 6 years ago from friends who were moving. It had flowered in their house and the scent was very strong. I want to know what to do after the blooms fade. Do we prune, cut back, keep in small pot???

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Our Corn plant is way over 30 years old, and is blooming as "we speak"! Since it is 9:00 p.m. I'm being treated to the most incredible fragrance ! Our plant gets no direct sunlight but is about 10' from a southern exposed window. It is the first time I've gone through the birthing of a full flowering, and the first time I've ever looked on line to find out more about this old and loved family member!

Not sure how to post the photos I've taken.

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Congrats to all with Blooming Corn Plants.
I don't have a Corn, but have other Dracaenas closely related, including, D. 'Janet Craig.' It's nowhere near as old as some of yours, still, I've seen young Corn Plants with huge clusters of fragrant flowers during winter months. And so very fragrant.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Judy,

In order to post pix here, one must first open a free account w/ a photo hosting site like Flicker or Photobucket (both free, but since I use I'll mention that).

Once you've open that account & uploaded your pix to that site, then you can cut & paste the THIRD LINE OF CODE into a message here.

If done right, it will look like gibberish until you ask for Preview, where if done correctly, you'll see the pix.

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My corn plant bloomed for the first time in 10 years in feb. The smell went through the whole house.

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Corny story... I was given this huge plant from my ex husband. This happened after he saved it from his second ex wife and was relocating. Too big to take with him! I came to this site while researching what kind of plant this actually was, finding out that it is indeed a corn plant. But the laugh I get out of this story, hope someone else smiles. MY corn plant started the budding / flowering process within a week of having it at my house!!! Now knowing how long these plants take to show their real beauty, I feel that plant knows who the better ex wife is!
Someone please laugh !!

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We've had our corn plant since 1976--moved it from our rental, to our home and now to our year-round coastal home. It gets full sun. For the first time after all these years,it produced the odd growth at the top, we took pics every couple of days. What a bizarre bloom. The flowers are tightly closed and we are anxious to see them open and smell the fragrance--hope that happens. We were happy to read of everyone else's experiences with their corn plant. No one we know has ever seen nor heard of this.

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My 9 year old corn plant is also blooming for the first time. It is normal for this to happen to so many corn plants in the same year???

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Thanks for all the info; very helpful. I had no idea what it was at first. We have had our corn plant about 20 years and it is in bloom now. The BEST smell and sometimes so strong you can smell it all through the house. I have had house plants my entire life and a greenhouse and I never knew these plants bloomed!

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Mine is also blooming for the first time. I've had it a couple years. I thought it was dead when I got it, really awful shape. someone threw it out and I 'rescued' it. It almost didn't make it. Now it has two stalks, lots of flowers, and boy, I actually called 911 thinking a lost can of Deet was spraying the house. Ha ha. PUt on a mask and went through everything. My apt mgr spotted the plant. It is weird that they are all blooming at the same time. Maybe it is a sign of the goddess.It does seem a good year for strong women. Viva la corn plant!

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I went into my favorite coffee shop recently and the owner was ecstatic telling me how she could not figure out where this heavy perfume like smell came from. Upon research she discovered that it was her corn plant she had had for years. She stated that it is supposed good luck when it blooms and it is very rare (save all the messages above!).
I was so anxious to get my own to take a stroke at being lucky in bloom.
Here I sit today in the art gallery I direct in Hayes valley and am feeling somewhat "unlucky."
I gaze behind me at the plant i have looked at for months to discover a blooming flower... well look at this.. we have our very own corn plant.. and a blooming one at that!!!!
Luck is possible!

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It's amazing the number of blooming Corn Plants, in the year 2011. Luck? Coincidence?
There's quite a gap on this thread alone. And Imagine all the people who have blooming Dracaenas that never heard of GW. Toni

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My corn plant just bloom for the first time in the 3 years that I have it. I didn't know they can flower. I think it might have been because I've been feeding it nutrients and maybe it was the south facing window Indirect light. I had it outside during the summer and inside during the winter months. I live in northern California.

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My very old corn plant is blooming profusely. The flower stems are just hanging full of blooms. I put the plant outside for a couple of nights in case some night pollinators were interested. (Not an easy job, because it's large and heavy.) Does anyone know if it has a specific pollinator - - like a moth or a bat???

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Msya, IMO, I believe Dracaenas bloom, 'usually in winter' depending on how their care "x" months prior to blooming. Since yours was outside, then before a south window, some fertilizer, it receieved great care. Paid off months later.

Joan, although most of my plants are summered outdoors, Dracaenas are kept inside. I never hand pollinated, nor were there moths or bats flying in my house, lol, yet a couple Dracaenas bloomed.
I still think it depends on the amount of light they get in summer and just before buds form, and possibly fertilizer. Toni

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I was totally dumbfounded to discover an odd growth on the top of my 20 year old corn plant which stands about 12 feet tall about a week ago. This has never happened and for a few days now, i have smelled this extraordinary jasmine-like fragrance throughout my house. My husband thought I was crazy as he could not smell it. My daughter last evening remarked on the wonderful flowery smell and we are all enjoying the fragrance (except my husband, who still cannot smell it) throughout all the floors of the house. I never heard of a corn plant flowering. Thanks for the site/comments!

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I have had a corn plant for over 15 years. It just bloomed for the first time ever in the past week or so. It has fragrant spiderlike flowers, which bloom only in the evening,and you can smell throughout the house!

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I've had my corn plant for 3 years now. I came home a week ago to find it about a foot taller with a flower spike. First time its ever done this. I don't believe the flowers have bloomed yet, been keeping my eye on it. Very excited about it after reading everything people have said.

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My Corn plant is flowering for the first time.Boy was I surprised as it is about 9ft tall & spindley..wanted to chuck it out awhile ago..glad I didn't!! I took pictures everyday as it grew so fast.It has about a 2ft flower stalk & smells wonderful.The flowers come out approx. 7p.m every night for the past week & a half...still blooming.I've had it about 25yrs & this is a first.Just put up a plant light this christmas as I live in a dark basement...guess that all it it now!Wonder how long it will go on blooming??

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I have read that a corn plant only blooms every 20 years or so. When mine bloomed I wish it had a nice fragrance. No kidding, I opened the front door and thought someone or thing had died in my house. I looked around and came back to the corn plant. I had to cut the beautiful flower off. I felf awful. I still have her and think I have for 36 year or more.

Keep on growing

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I am so excited!! I barely even water my 9 ft. plant anymore & don't fertilize it. I went in this evening to water it & there was a huge flower spike on it. It is 16 years old. I promised her I would take better care of her for giving me this beautiful gift. Can't wait until it blooms. Does anyone know how long the blooms last?

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dellis326 (Danny)

Stinky. . .

Mine bloomed last summer, the inflorescence lasted a 3 weeks. The big stink only for a week or so.

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Hi All, I'm new to here. I found this site looking into my flowering corn plant. I too, was amazed that this plant I've had for 8 years was suddenly flowering. This thread has been so informative, and I thank you. I wanted to share my photos and observations after 5 days of blooming. The scent is quite strong, but only after the sun sets...but I like it. In the morning the scent is gone. The stem is sticky, but isn't seeping yet. I'll update as to how long it blooms and what changes I see over time.

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This plant is so amazing......I bought mine from a localstore about 6 years ago. I live in NE Florida. Had my first bloom last December. Had no idea for the first couple of days where the smell was coming from. Did some research and found all of your blogs here. I am again amazed with another blooming going on right now!!! So excited.......

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I've had corn plants most of my life and never knew they bloomed, I'm a house plant junkie and my friends call my house the home for wayward orchids. Anyway, we've had corn plants for many years, one (inherited from a friend that moved) and it's 8 feet tall and the other is a new comer (2 months) from our old office (and was there for more than 10 years), it's about 5 feet tall. This strange growth started popping out and low and behold ... it's going to bloom. I wonder if they bloom in the winter because the sun is lower? Also wondering if was pollinated by the other one already in our house? Can't wait to see and smell the flowers. I'll post a picture or two. Oh, and I too have it by a south/east facing window in Northern California.

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I adopted my sister's corn plant because she was moving. We put it in our workout room. Last night we were in there and noticed a gorgeous scent we couldn't identify; looked to see if we'd stored candles somewhere we'd forgotten, or what. We were amazed to see the corn plant was blooming. We had no idea it would do that. This morning, the whole downstairs is filled with a lovely jasmine-like scent. Woo-hoo!

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Congrats, Susanka.
Most people don't realize Corn Plants bloom..

One reason is CP's are grown and sold as foliage plants. Second, more often than not, they rarely flower indoors.

You or your sister did something right..

I detect the fragrance thinking about your plant. :) Toni

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Hello out there! My corn plant is blooming! After reading all about it, I'm sad to report that although the fire-cracker-looking flowers are cute, I do NOT smell anything and there is no sap. The plant seems very healthy an the flowers are big and full, but for some reason there is no smell and no sap. I'm disappointed because after doing all of this research, I feel like I'm missing out on the best part. Any suggestions or ideas? The plant is in a north-facing big window. It is hearty and healthy about 5 feet tall. I have 10 big flowers. It's watered regularly, but not too much. All leaves are green and healthy.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Pls. try sniffing it during the evening, some flower fragrances become stronger at night.

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Does anyone know if draceana marginata blooms? I have one that has been thriving in my west, indirectly-lighted window. Can I hope to get some blooms off it?

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My corn plant is also blooming for first time in about 12 years, fragrance is stronger in the evenings, flowers are white on long stem

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Just found this site after searching online to figure out what was happening to my corn plant. After reading the blog on how the plant only blooms after more than a decade I had to register to post. My husband and I bought it for our first house about 14 years ago. When I get busy, sometimes months go by where it has been neglected. Yet it has continued to live. The first few years I took good care of it then let it go. Recently I read a book about how you know how well you are enjoying life by your plants because when you are enjoying it you are taking the time to water them. After reading the book I took the time to fertilize it. About a week after fertilizing I notified a crazy amount of blossoms. What a great symbolic way of showing what can happen when you nurture something! Thanks for sharing all your posts! Can't wait to take time to smell the fragrance when the flowers bloom!

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I have a Dracaena fragrans at work...very old and poorly treated. It used to bloom every winter, at night, and you could smell it through the whole office. Alas, it dripped sap and left these black drips on its leaves. It's not flowered since it was cut back and moved to a new location, and some brief internet research tells me it's because it's not been cold enough for it. All that superior climate control in the new building is not our friend in this case. :-p

I suspect it'll have to find a truly new home one day, and I will definitely be posting on the forums about how best to handle that, LOL, given the state it's in.

But it's interesting that while being leaned over completely, trying to grow into furniture, beyond pot-bound, the whole still flowered as long as the heating was poor in the winter. It's a survivor.

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Plants often require what appears to us as adverse conditions in order to flower. A period of drought or cold or dormancy are often signals in nature that hard times have started and it is time for the plant to carry on the species by reproducing. Flowering is the first step in reproduction.

When we are familiar with the natural habitat of a plant species, we can often find clues as to what they require to grow well and to produce flowers.

~Will Creed

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My Corn plant is flowering, does get the strong perfume at night when the flowers open up, in the begining i though that the flower smell was from outside but tonight was so strong that i got on top of a chair and smelled the flowers, to my surprise it is my corn plant, even my husband is amazed with the flowers. For what i was able to find out they only smell at night when the buds are open. Thanks for the info on this site i've learned a lot. My plant is about 9 years old.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

rushrulz, I think your theory is extremely likely. For the past 2 winters, most of my plants were in a colder room than the room where the TV and computer (and people) are - about 55-65 in that room for a couple months. I leave them out until it starts getting below 40 most nights. One of my sans bloomed, and Callisia fragrans, both of which seem to be fairly uncommon. Seems some plants like "a winter," just not one that involves 'really cold' temps.

My Mom got a corn plant a few years ago and it lives in her garage for the winter. There are 2 windows but no heat. Hopefully that will cause hers to bloom in a not-too-distant spring.

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I had to chime in. It is June and my 34 yearold, 22 foot corm plant is blooming again. SInce it has been a part of my life for so long and lived with me since I was 18 I named my plant pal Sally. She resides in my livingroom that has cathedral ceilings, 18 feet high and once she hit the ceiling she bent over and continues to flourish. The bloom stalks have only appeared about 8 times and at different times in the year too ! I have never experienced die back as some mentioned. The scent is indeed jasimine and beautifully sweet. The creamy white blooms are in clusters at the end of the stalks that have bursts of mini stalks coming off a central stalk. My plant is in a south facing window that I have put film on to avoid leaf burn. I periodically give it some liquid fertilizer as the same dirt has been in the pot for all these years and must be depleted of natural nutrients. This plant is a part of my families lives, like a pet. It is amazing to me that a plant I bought myself before moving out of my childhood home is still doing well and growing and I am 52 !

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I purchased my corn plant from Lowe's about 3 years ago and until this year, had not had much luck with it. There were no directions on how to water it or how much sun it needed. I put it out this past spring to get some real sunlight and it almost died. I moved it to a window in my kitchen, which seemed to perk it up. Last week, we had our windows open so it got even more sunlight. One particular night, the temperatures really dropped so the plant was exposed to some pretty chilly night air. Within a couple of days, my plant got a couple of growths which have since bloomed into flowers.

How surprised we were last night when we came home around 10:30 pm to discover the entire house was blanketed in the essence of jasmine! The flowers were all open last night but this morning they were all closed up. I'm excited to see my plant will grow in the coming weeks.

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I've a number of Dracaenas and they flower during the coldest time of year. Their flowering coincides with the flowering of Sansevieria so the combined frangrance is strong and drifts a long way around.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Very cool! Ive seen the related Yucca in flower in gardens but never a Dracaena! Good to hear it doesnt die after flowering like its relatives the Agaves!

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I am glad I found this thread. I was given this plant 2 years ago in the office. Someone didn't want it around anymore. I agreed to take it. It's near a south facing window, I water it once a month and add fertilizer. Last year at my desk for about 2 hours a day in the afternoons I kept smelling a sweet flower odor. One Day I realized it was coming from that plant. Today I now know what kind of plant it is thanks to this thread. The previous owner was amazed. It had never bloomed in her care. I also had someone tell me that as part of Feng shui, the year that they plant blooms it is considered very lucky and they you will have a very prosperous year. When it blooms, there is a red card you can buy with marks and symbols on it and you tie that to the tree with red ribbon and it is suppose to promote the prosperity. Not sure I believe in all of that, but our company is having an AMAZING fiscal year in sales this year. Thanks for all the info on this thread.

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I have an old Corn Plant that has finished blooming and has three seed pods. While this isn't strange to me it is surprising to me that these berry's or seed pods attract large ants and they seem to go as crazy over them as does a cat with catnip. Does anyone know what it is they are trying to get ? Any help would be appreciated... I've attached a pic.... however good it might be.

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" I also had someone tell me that as part of Feng shui, the year that they plant blooms it is considered very lucky and they you will have a very prosperous year."

All mine flower prolifically every year. I guess I do have a prosperous life, although not of the lotto winning kind, LOL.

Mine produce a lot of berries but have never seen ants, or any other insects, around them. There must be something on yours that attracts that particular species of ant. It wouldn't be a sap sucking insect that the ants are farming by any chance?

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Hate to be a spoil sport but we cut them off at work, as if you leave them, when you next see them two weeks later, they are a sticky smelly mess on the client's carpet.

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I have had this corn plant for 3 years, we inherited it in a rental property so really don't know how old it is, but we recently moved to a new apartment and the plant has thrived in the new location. This is the first time I have ever seen a corn plant flower. interesting.

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Congrats to all with Blooming Corn Plants.
I don't have a Corn, but have other Dracaenas closely related, including, D. 'Janet Craig.' It's nowhere near as old as some of yours, still, I've seen young Corn Plants with huge clusters of fragrant flowers during winter months.

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My corn palm is blooming right now (attached pic) for the second time in the nine years I've had it :)

I see from all the previous posts that everybody seem to have theirs blooming in 2011. The previous time mine bloomed was... 2011! Must have been something in the air that year.

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Here's my 2011 blooms from the same plant - if you look closely enough you can actually see sap oozing out in a few places...

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This corn plant is in Austin, TX and is blooming for the second night. The blossoms open at between 6 and 7 pm. Odor of Jasmine. Reminds one of the Night Blooming Cereus.

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