Pics of my Tillandsia Cyanea- would like to know asap

Lamora(4)April 2, 2012

Hi. I was just wondering if these are new plants coming in or if they are just leaves. I would like to know before we loose the internet next weekend. Please?

this is her now, to me she isnt looking too well.

Is she dying back now? I don't know what is happening. Can someone please tell me?


Marjie :)

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

I don't know but it doesn't look dying back to me.

Why are you panicking, if anything it looks like new growth.

Pls. allow a day or 2 for folks to respond & STOP WORRYING, it looks fine even tho' I don't especially know this plant.

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Hi Marj,

The new little guys are off-shoots. Congrats!

I've never cut Tillandsia babies, just larger specie Bromeliads. Tills are Bromiliads.

This is how B. achemea fasciata was removed and cared for.

When off-shoots are half the size as mom, using a sharp knife, I cut 1-2" from off-shoot, down into roots.
So, when removed from mom, each offs-shoot has top growth and bottom roots.

Afterwards, shoots are potted in the same size pot as mom, using similiar medium.
Unless you want to wait longer to see if more off-shoots produce, you can use moms pot, per shoot.
She dies back the taller off-shoots get.

It takes about 1.5-2-years for off-shoot to bloom.

Although adult Broms and Tills will thrive in any light condition, babies need medium light to grow and flower.

Marj, you're not going to be around anymore? You won't have a computer?
That's sad, I'm going to miss you, and I'm certain others will, too.

Do you think you'll come back to GW? Toni

PS. both plants look great.

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Hey Toni-- oh yes.. I will be back! I like it here. ;)I just don't know when. I am hoping to have some sort of internet somewhere. Gonna miss all of you too, I check on this before anything else! lol

And thanks for the congrats on new offshoots. I thought that may be it, but this is new plant for me and I don't know just what to look for. Actually, I don't know much about many plants, (but let's just keep that between the 2 of us.:))
Thanks for making me feel better tho. What would happen if I didn't repot them? Just let them stay like they are. Would that hurt them any? Bigger pot tho, I think she needs to be repotted, roots are showing a lot now.

Pirate-- I am not panicking, I wanted to know before this weekend, and the more answers I get, the better. That's all. I have looked and looked for something to tell me what I am to look for in this plant, what it looks like when new shoots start, the mom dies off and such. All I can find is how to care for them.

Now I know before I can't ask anymore for however long. A week really isn't all that much time. And that's all I have right now to ask anything. That's all it is.


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Not sure you know this, but many public libraries have Internet available to the public. In case you go into withdrawal during your move. When I was out of work & didn't have Internet at home yet, I had serious GW withdrawal, was in the Library all the time.

Good luck w/ your move!! Rest easy, the plants will all be fine!

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Hi Lamora,

Don't cut off-shoots yet. Both plants are healthy and shoots still young.

What happens if shoots aren't removed? Removed or not, evenutally mom dies, But its demise can take many months to a year.
You're off-shoots aren't ready to be cut, just yet.

You'll know when mom starts dwindling. There's no harm waiting to cut babies till then, but once you notice mom is on her way out, don't wait too long. The entire plant will die.
But again, the whole process takes time.

Have you ever seen Pineapples grow? Pineapples are Bromiliads. Little baby pineapples grow off mom, just like your Till and other Broms. The babies are separated, rooted then grow to adult-hood.

You'll figure it out..Next year, I'd like to see your new Till babies... lol. Toni

PS. Hope you find a libary like Karen suggests, or some way to get on the net. Hugs, Toni

The reason I answered so fast was you said you might not have access to the net, and you needed info ASAP. :)

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Toni- thanks. I think I know when to separate them, not until they are about 1/2 the size of mom? I didn't realize it would take that long tho. Thanks for that information. I also didn't know it would kill the whole plant if they are not removed, THAT was a piece of info I REALLY NEEDED! thanks so much for that. I seen a pic of at least 8 in one pot, it was so pretty, something I wanted to try, so that is why I was wondering.

I repotted her yesterday, a bigger pot than I had planned on, but it was the next size up that I had,(at least 3-4 in. bigger, hope that works for now) but she looks better in it, so only time will tell. If I need a smaller pot, it will have to wait till next month at least.

anyway-- thanks for all this info. Made it a bit clearer of what I should do for her in the long run.

Marjie :)

ps-- library-- yes.

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birdsnblooms more thing. lol

You said, you didn't realize it'd take that long tho.

Actually, the longer the better. Bromiliads are grown for flowers. The longer they last, the better.
Most people toss Brom after flowering, like any gift plant..they don't want to bother dividing babies, instead rather buy a new flowering plant.

Believe me, hopefully, you'll get the shoots to root and'll want the flower to last 8 months to a year.

I'd rather buy a plant w/long lasting flowers than blooms that last a couple weeks. But, that's me.

Anyway, good luck again. Toni

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