Best place to buy potting soil online?

blondelle(NE)April 1, 2013

I'm not able to get to a garden store to buy soil locally. Is there any place I can get it from online at a reasonable price including shipping? I need to fill several windowsill containers for a glassed in terrace. I used to get some from Garden's Alive when they had their coupons but don't have one now. Any ideas? Best I could find was 18 qts. from Amazon for Black Gold at about $18-$19 shipped.

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Blondell, have you tried Ebay?

Honestly, shipping prices for soil is going to be expensive no matter where you shop.

Most Ebay sellers combine let's say shipping one bag is 10.00, 'usually,' each additional bag is half-price or a certain percentage.

In most cases, mediums are reasonably priced, 'especially if not available locally,' but S&H is where they get you.

Regarding coupons. Google name of a nursery, then type, codes and coupons, or promotional deals, and/or free shipping.
If you're lucky, you'll find updated coupons.
Good luck, Toni

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