Yucca tree in sunny room but no direct sunlight?

Lynn NevinsApril 27, 2009

I got a yucca tree from my neighborhood flower shop, who told me it needed LOW sun. Only after repotting it did I read the tag which said it needs HIGH sun(!)

So....my plan is to keep it in my bedroom, which is a very bright room, but which has no DIRECT sun.

Do you think this plant will do OK?


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I do believe that they require at least some direct sun seeing as how they are a kind of succulent.

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Shame on them for lying! It could be they truly didn't know but I doubt that. Just trying to make a sale.
You have repotted so they probably won't take it back now.
I would go speak with the manager and identify the person who sold it. Demand they take it back if you have the original container and you will buy something else at least 10% off. If they don't you can always blab it all around and tell them you will do that.
Most flower shops aren't in the business to sell houseplants so they don't care.

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I once had to keep a few Yuccas in an apartment which had only north windows, for two years. They did fine, and are still alive today (though I did move them to a south window when I moved and had one again). Please don't flip out on the flower shop employee.

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Keep your Yucca in the brightest window. It should do fine.
Just be careful on the watering. Yucca's cannot tolerate wet soil. Water, let dry.

The clerk either didn't know, or wanted to make a sale. I might now write or contact her employers, but if you go back, see her/him, I'd bring up the fact Yuccas need sun to survive.
I've seen/heard too many clerks intentionally giving the wrong information, saying what the customer wants to hear. Especially if the customer first says, my house isn't real bright..the clerk will say anything to make a sale. Toni

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Lynn Nevins

Thanks all. I don't think the woman intended to be misleading. I go to her shop somewhat regularly. In addition, I made no mention of the sun conditions in my apartment; it was she who voluntarily said it needed "no sun". In addition, English is not her first language...she quite an accent.

So you add it all up and...well, I thikn it was an innocent mistake.

In any case, it sounds like I'll be OK with it!


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Yuccas are HUGE weeds around here, they are pretty but alot of people are looseing grazeing land to them (from poor management.)

I live in South Dakota, they LOVE HOT DRY FULL SUN! Dont see any of them growing in the shade of anything...ever. BUT they are REALLY hardy plants.

Native americans made shoes and baskets out of the yucca, and the tips where used as needles. ALSO a healthy yucca sends up a stunning tall spike that can be eaten and looks like a huge asperagus..that blooms into stunning flowers that only 1 little white moth can polinate (the two NEED each other to survive)

Anyways, I think I am going to move one into the house and see what happens. We are starting to loose them in our land because of our proper cattle management practices.

And remember LOVE is the most important, plant thrive in worse conditions if you just give it alittle love. ;) they can feel it.

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