My mother of millions plant

thirdyearbonsai(Zone 4, VT, USA)April 29, 2011

Hey guys-

Here are some pictures of my Mother-of-millions plant the the tray of babies I am currently propagating. I was wondering if the experts here had any tips regarding soil mix/fertilizer type, etc.

This is such a great plant, and this tray of babies is really my first attempt at propagating these guys (don't think they are too hard though).

Thanks in advance!

-3rd yr

Here is a link that might be useful: Mother of millions pictures

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Hi 3rd year..Nice, K. Mother of Thousands/Millions.

They need well-draining soil. Mother of Millions are Kalanchoes..Kalanchoes are succulents. And succulent soil needs to drain well.

Nope, propagating MOM's doesn't take any effort. You wouldn't believe the number of MOM leaves (babies) that fell in my neighboring plants, and grew, some to maturity..if a leave falls on the floor, it'll root. lol..

I usually plant the extras in the garden..they grow tall, over 4'. If you dig them up in late autumn, they flower. Tall spikes with orange blooms..Toni

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thirdyearbonsai(Zone 4, VT, USA)

Hey Toni, that's a great idea actually. I never thought about just throwing a few outside as annuals.

I definitely added some perlite to the soil, so we'll see what happens. Either way I think I am going to have some plants to give away very soon...

Thanks for the input!

-3rd yr

Here is a link that might be useful: Mother of millions pictures

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hey Third Year,

Before you throw these outside to grow wild, pls. note the following & maybe do a bit more research FIRST (esp. since I see you're in VT; these may not be welcome there).

These plants are so prolific that some areas regard them as INVASIVE WEEDS & UNDESIRABLE TO PLANT OUTSIDE.

I'd forget about special soils for this plant (other than much less peat & much more fast draining than that shown in the pix).

Forget about fertilizer, save your money, they simply DON'T NEED IT.

Are you aware this plant is virtually indestructible & will grow readily without all the care & attention you're giving it. Completely unnecessary, just so you know.

It will even grow in carpets & drapes, along w/ in the cracks in the sidewalk & just about anywhere it can get a foothold.

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... in carpets and drapes...


*mental picture attack*

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I once knew a women that had them growing in the dust on her floor. Yup, that will tell you how prolific they are here. If anyone threw that plant out there window into my yard, I would kill them.

Mother of a billion is more like it! I liken them to weeds.


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Karen...I checked MOM's hardy zone which starts at zone 9A, therefore wouldn't be prolific in Vermont.

Mike, MOM's are even hardy here, indoors. A few dozen potted plants have MOMS growing in the soil. They're not fussy..a baby leaf falls, roots, with Citrus, Succulents, and Tropicals. lol..

Thirdyear, Karen's right about not adding special soils when planting MOMS in the garden..Containers are different, but if you're going to plant MOM stems/cuttings in your garden, don't bother adding/changing soil.
My garden soil is fertile, rich, and heavy..When I plant MOM's cuttings/divisions in the yard, they're planted as is. Soil isn't amended whatsoever.
They'll live in any/most garden soils. Outdoors.

I first grew MOMS in the yard as an experiment. Had extra stems, so planted them.
MOMS don't have to be treated as annuals. If kept outdoors until first frost, then repotted, 'in same soil as yard or fresh,' by mid-winter you'll have a nice-looking succulent with numerous, orange and yellow blooms. Toni

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