Cucumbers have lost vigor

Ash7681August 12, 2013

My cucumber wines (two, side-by-side) have been growing like crazy and producing big juicy cucumbers all summer, but have suddenly lost vigor in the last two weeks. They were growing strong in-spite of mildew problem (which I have remedied using neem oil spray). Now, they have completely stopped flowering or growing any further.

I am a newbie and would like to know if the end of season for cucumber is upon us (I live in SF Bay Area and the weather has gotten a bit cooler lately). Or if the mildew does permanent damage to the growth of the plant.


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Probably both factors at work.

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The same happening to mine I think they go strong for a certain period then just give up due to therir own version of old age.

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They seem to be coming back to life. Just got a big juicy cucumber grow in less than a week and more flowers are sprouting at the growing end. Probably was the mildew problem that got to them earlier.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

If they look green and healthy, give them some fertilizer(Bloom booster type) and water regularly. Keep spraying Neem oil regularly too.

But normally, cukes have a short life span. Even without disease they get tired and stop producing. The start producing awkward shaped fruits. That is why staggered planting makes sense.

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My first planting of cukes has looked awful for a month. The last few cukes were misshapen and then for a couple of weeks, nothing. I was ready to pull the vines, except that up at the top there were healthy looking new sprouts.

So I waited, and now I see new cukes growing. It's like the vines needed a 2nd wind. And yes fertilized and watered to give them a boost.

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Mine have all but stopped producing too! Now I'm just focusing on my peppers! They are doing good.

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