got them outside today!!

Lamora(4)April 25, 2013

Hi all, well I don't know if Spirng is all here or not, but I put my Plants outside for some fresh air. It is barely 60F right now, no wind, lots of sun out today~~ so today they are outside, in shade. The sun last time was a bit much for some and I had to take a lot of leaves off that were burned. I am just glad it didn't hurt them so much that they were dying... so sun for a lot of my plants is a no-go for them, no matter how much they "beg" for it.. lol.

My DH is bored out of his mind, again. He is home for a week before having to go back to driving, and he hates not doing something. So he cleaned up my work space a bit, reinforced the shelves that he put up, hammered some more nails in for more hanging plants. I need to make some more hangers for a few plants that are starting to trail, that will give me something to do..

But the day is a good day, especially for my plants.. :)


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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

I wish i can put my plants out permanently :-(

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Oh they won't stay out tonight- way too cold still~~ but I hear ya! I don't have many, but it would be nice to leave them out at night too... :)

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

This going outside thing can be tricky. Some plants are worth burning, some not at all. What plants got too tan?

Sunburn can generally be avoided by gradually introducing direct light to plants you know should be able to handle it. That would be the first or last hour of the day, rays which would rarely burn any plant. It could take weeks of placement-tweaking to acclimate a plant to mid-day rays, many would never appreciate sun during those hours.

A safe thing to do is note a spot where the sun only shines first thing in the morning. Then if you forget, it's OK, in the shade anyway. Once a week or so, you move the most appreciative ones a foot or so, the others maybe a little less. The changing angle of the sun may do that for you, so don't assume the spot will be exactly the same all year.

Another option is by the trunk of a big tree with thick shade, or hanging from a limb well within the canopy. Just an occasional dapple of constantly shifting pricks of sun, but so much more light than real shade.

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well, it's really better to do it when you have sev cloudy days in a row! that's what the weather channel is for :). in shoulder season I don't go to bed unless I know what's in store for the next week.

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purple- both my spider plants,my little parlor palm and my Dracaena Warmekii (i think that is how you spell it) got it the worst. My little Lipstick plant had very little burn on 2 leaves, but not enough to take them off. But my Mama Spider? she got the worse of it and she was only out in the sun for an hour, but it was enough. But everything is pulling through pretty good now.

I know I did wrong by them, didn't introduce them to the sun like I should have, but I didn't think that an hour or 2 would do that to them, I was wrong... didn't seem that hot, I kept putting my had on the plant to see how hot they were, guess I am not a good judge of how hot something really is.

petrushka ~~ around here, if it is cloudy, it tends to get very windy too. Today was the first day in a very long time that is hasn't been either, it was very nice. Everything was in the shade on the front porch till the wind picked up, they are inside now. They seemed to enjoy the fresh air... I know I did!!

and as far as the weather channel goes~~we don't get it~~ and right now, this part of the year, even they are wrong a lot of the time, ever changing... So we just look-see outside, read the temp and see how hard the flags are moving, and take a chance that what we are wearing will do for the day ~~ lol

Marjie~~ taking one day at a time :)

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

I don't know anything about lipstick plant, but of the others, the only one I wouldn't mind if it burned would be spider but I don't think yours is the same plain green spider that I've had forever. So still not a fair comparison, and nothing you mentioned I'd let burn on purpose. Mid-day sun really is strong, too strong for any type of gradual adjustment.

The Drac and parlor palm probably can't be adjusted to mid-day sun. They just need to be in the shade. Both of these plants burn very easily and it's more of a hardship on these because the lost leaves can't be replaced. On the palm, I can usually cut individual leaflets instead of a whole leaf, just depends on how the sun was hitting it.

Don't feel too bad though, I still have plants that get sunburned sometimes. It happens to about everybody who moves plants outside for summer.

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Morning Everyone,

I THINK summer, well, spring has arrived, but IL is a tricky, facade of a state.

The coldest it's supposed to get this week is 40F nights, 'which isn't bad for most plants,' but there's a slight chance temps will change, drop, freeze again.

In 2012, 'most' plants that are summered outdoors were outside the end of March, but 2013 is very very different than last year.

Since April is a rainy month, or supposed to be, lol, I start hauling succulents out on drizzly, shady days..When they predict a cloudy week. Although, who trusts weather forecasters? lol

Marjie, so you're taking plants out during the day then bringing them back in at night?
I don't have Parlor Palm but of all palms, PP is said to do best in low light.

Purple, I've been meaning to ask. How's your variegated, 'gesneriad?' Can't recall if you found the correct name.
What type of light is it getting, and is it outside?

Marjie, your thread is motivating. Although it's not cloudy, I'm thinking about preparing the yard and bringing plants outside..

Does anyone take Philodendrons outside?

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