Anthurium Woes

RalphTorresApril 24, 2013

Hi, am new to gardening and plants and in December I purchased some anthuriums just because I found them pretty. I put them in the front of my house and was told that they were shade plants and that they would wilt in the sun. I removed them to the back of the house and placed them under a canopy and watched as the spathes wilted and the tips of the leaves turned brown. Also, I noticed holes in the leaves. I water daily, fertilize with miraclegrow and have moved them around to get less or more sun. I live in Puerto Rico and the temperature is usually around 85 f. I need some advice because i have grown quite fond of them and don't want to give them up. Thanks.

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Hi Ralph & Welcome,

Anthuriums do well in indirect-bright-light. Not exactly shade.
However, as you stated, you placed your Anthuriums outdoors, under a canopy.

Unless the canapy surrounded light entirely, outdoor shade is equivalent to very bright light indoors. Even a semi-sunny window.

Which direction are they facing?

What about nursery conditions? Light/Temps?

Brown leaf tips are caused by under-watering, direct sun, dry air, tap water, over-ferrtilizing and then some.

As for holes in leaves. Did you notice holes when purchased?

When plants are outside, one of numerous insects bite foliage.
Even grasshoppers. :)

Are the holes tiny? Round, or look torn?

Do you have photos of your Anthuriums? Toni

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The holes in the leaves are probably from snails, which relish Anthuriums.
It also sounds like you may be over watering. This too will attract snails and cause the roots to rot. Try putting them under a tree in a forest floor setting, c shade/very filtered sun and high humidity. Water once a week and fertilize once every three or four waterings.

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There are many different species of Anthurium, do you know which ones you have? Some are epiphytes so don't do so well in just soil, unless there's a thick layer of organic matter on top.Some photos would help work out what the problem might be.

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