my green house....

emerald1951April 24, 2011

Hi everyone...

I got this little green house for my son to grow his plants for the garden, and I have put some of my little plant cuttings in the house too...

and the little green house in in my living

I got it a Lowes and I put a light in the top, but I have been thinking I will put a light on each shelf....

and use it the rest of the year for my house plants that need more light...what do you all think? think that will work? I know some of you use grow lights for some of your plants. let me know what you think and if it will work..

thank you all....linda

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Oh YES!!! Linda, it looks so nice

How are yah! ???? Is it really you posting here? I am sooooo happy you have and thrilled about that too..:-) I hang around here a lot, all though lately a little under the weather to post anything much, but still love to read this forum.

I think you did a fine job with that top light and a few more, you will be ready to go. I can see some orchids loving that little thing. You will have fun with it, I just know it.


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Linda...Isn't it a nice shelf? Yours looks very roomy.
I bought the same shelf, minus light, in the mid-80's. 19.99 plus tax.
Wish I'd have thought of adding a light..Did the light come with it, or did you hook it up.

In my downstairs basement, are little siblings of the larger shelf..they stand about 4' tall.

Do I see an Aloe on the third tier, to the left?
I tried expanding, but it didn't work.
Is it humid inside? If so, the Aloe or any other succulents should be removed..

Do you unzip plastic or keep it closed?

It's great your son is partaking in your hobby. How old is he, if you don't mind me asking? That's terrific. Toni

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Mike, yes it is me.....:)
and yes I like the little shelf...
You and some others have talked about growing under lights and when my son wanted to start his own plants for the garden I thought I would help him out by getting the green house....and then it was only natural I guess to add some of my plant to it...
yes I did but the light in it and now I am thinking of adding 3 more one for each shelf...
and Mike you sick again, I hope with spring here you get over all that and be free and clear, so you can enjoy the summer.....

Toni, yes I have a little aloe in there and some others..I open it if it gets to humid...its nice just unzip it...
yes I added the light and thinking of adding more..
its fun and I think it will be great for the winter and keeping some of my plants in there for more light...
I just have to learn more about growing under lights,,
like one thing I need to know do you turn off the lights over night? I do now, or should I leave them on??
thanks for looking and the the comments....linda

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Hi Linda,

Yes, you should turn them off at night. I would say that the most you should have your lights on is 14 hours a day. The plants need darkness to be healthy.


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PS - Nice light stand!


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Those are the exact type of mini-greenhouses I have. I even got mine at Lowe's! I bought four of them at an "end of season" clearance sale! They were only $7 each, I believe.

I keep three of them uncovered, used as regular shelving for plants... and I keep one covered, with lighting added, used for the rooting of cuttings, seed germination, and all that fun stuff! One shelf has bottom heating for easy rooting and germination.

They come in very handy, and have multiple uses for growing or displaying plants, or for use in other capacities. I really like the ones I have!

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Linda, never leave lights on all night.. Like people, plants need sleep.
Is the shelf near a window?

Lights near windows should be kept on, 'in mid-winter,' between 5-10pm.
When not near a window, 14 hours per day.

One of my shelf lights have a Timer. It's set to go on an off at certain times. Timers run from 7.00 and up. Toni

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