Repot my ponytail palm?

Ascheid(6b)April 5, 2013


I have a ponytail palm that hasn't been repotted in at least 15 years, maybe more. It doesn't seem to be having any problems, but I worry that it isn't getting something it needs. I water it about once a month, and give it some houseplant food once every 3 or 4. Do they like to be repotted? I don't want to do anything to kill the plant, it's been around a while.

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Hello Ascheid,

Are roots growing out of drainage holes?
If not, I'd let it be.

Since you're watering once a month, and soil isn't drying faster than usual, its current container should be sufficient.

Sounds like you've done well with your PT..Toni

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auron22(6b OH)

After 15 years in a pot, i'm sure it is gripping most, if not all the soil in the pot. In theory, there would be little to no mess taking it out of the pot and checking. In THEORY :) I do not think it would harm the plant. Ponytail palms are pretty forgiving i my experience, overwatering being the my experience :( How tall is it? I'm very curious.

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It's only about 3 feet tall, I think. I'll take a picture and measure it when I get home. It hasn't grown very much that I've noticed.

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Ascheid...I'm very sorry. I thought you wrote your PT was in the pot 5-yrs!
Although, I have a couple plants, including a PT, potted in the same soil and containers, 10 or so years, I do not recommend doing the same.

Nutrients are long gone.

Auron, thanks for pointing out the correct number of years. Toni

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auron22(6b OH)

If kept in the same pot for such a long time, growth will be slowed a lot. If you want it to grow faster/bigger you could increase pot size. Not by much though, i think the outer parts of the pot should only be 2-5 inches from the base of the palm? Can't remember, been too long since i've cared for a ponytail palm.
I honestly hate reading, so i end up doing the same sometimes :/ Wish i could just have something read to

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Sorry it's been so long for a reply, life got busy recently. Here's the ponytail palm. I haven't had a chance to take a look at the roots yet. I think I'm going to repot it this weekend. Is the gritty mix a good choice for these?

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