Fading or yellowing Pothos, what to do?

quasarito(5a)April 30, 2010


I've noticed recently that some of the leaves on my pothos are starting to fade or turning yellowish. Are those leaves going to be lost, or are they salvageable? Will I lose the whole plant?

The pot is plastic with drainage holes on the bottom, and contains just potting soil. The plant was placed in a window that receives mostly indirect sunlight, and brief direct sunlight during the day. I've moved the plant since about 6 feet from the window, just in case. I did once leave the window open on a particularly cool day (around 10 degrees Celsius). Could this have caused the yellowing?

Any advice is appreciated!


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Yellowing on Pothos tends to be from overwatering which is one of the few ways to kill this plant.

Also your soil looks kind of heavy & dense (can stay wet too long, causing the plant to appear overwatered).

How often are you watering? Maybe you could consider lightening up the mix by adding perlite, maybe 40%.

Let's see what the others think abotu this.

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ITA with PG, looks like overwatering to me.

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I water the plant about every 10-14 days. A few weeks ago, I transferred the plant to the current pot (pictured) which contains drainage holes. The previous container did not have drainage. After transferring the plant, I gave it a deep soak, and it since has turned yellow (as pictured). If indeed it is from overwatering, it is ironic that it occurred after being transferred to a pot with drainage holes.

Do you think I'll lose those leaves that have already changed colour?

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My Pothos have a mixture of yellow and green. Maybe it's getting too much light? mine is sitting a couple of feet away from a north window near the porch, which has a roof over it.

I read that if you can read in a low light, that's where to put a Pothos.

Mine is in the original plastic container, and the soil seems more loose than yours.

It could be that the direct sun is bleaching the leaves.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

I don't think it's the light, a few hrs. of direct sun won't do that.

I think it's the watering, or the mix or both. Sorry, but no, those discolored leaves will not recover, likely they'll slowly die off.

Doesn't look like a lot in the pot, 2 maybe 3 sprigs. If it were mine, I'd unpot & see what's going on. I suspect some rot, which I'd cut off or remove the whole section. If not rotted, I'd add maybe 1/3 perlite to that mix & repot or fresh if you have & start over.

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I'd have to agree with the watering/soil comments. It does look heavy and rich which has a tendency to hold water, even in a pot with drainage holes.

Mine sets up off the floor to the side of a skylight, and oddly enough, it grows more on the side that is away from the light, go figure.

They also thrive on neglect. Can tolerate dry conditions, low light and little to no fertilizer.

Hope this helps,


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