My Peace Lily got cold!

sewnjoy(z5 IA)April 1, 2013

I've had my Peace Lily for over 6 so big I had to divide it a few years ago. Both plants were doing very well until I put them on the enclosed front porch where it was too cold for them. (about 40 degrees) I noticed the next morning they have both drooped so I brought them back indoors where it's a lot warmer. Will they retrun to normal again, or, have I killed them off??? I would hate to loose them, they have done so well over the years! Any suggestions???

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Time will tell. Let us know, in the next few days, how they do. I will tell you this, even if some of the leaves eventually yellow, it doesn't mean that the whole plant will die. Cut the yellowing leaves off and see if the plants grow more healthy foliage.

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I have a peace Lilly that some one was going to trash.It was in her garage for a few weeks in the cold and that was about 2 months ago. So the temp was about 30â then. Well it was all droopy, dry and looked like it should of been trashed. But I watered it a little and its great now. I cut off all the dead leaves. Good luck!

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sewnjoy(z5 IA)

Well, my peace lilies are close to being back to normal! Thanks for your help & encouragement. I was really afraid that I had killed them by putting them on the cold porch. Glad they survived! They must be pretty tuff plants!!!!

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Hi Rhizo....:)

Joy, frostbitten leaves are greyish/black.
40F is pushing it...It's a miracle the PL Cgh adopted from the garage didn't die at 30F.

Since both PL's were enclosed, (porch/garage) walls protected plants from freezing/cold wind chill.
If the soil had been wet, in all probability PL's would have developed root rot. Especially @ 30.


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7


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Rhizo, you've got mail x's 3

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