thin walled bell peppers..any variety suggestions?

zippity_duda(6)August 25, 2010

So this is my third year growing bell peppers ( I also tried italian roasting peppers this year). I have gotten great yeilds (even this year in OH), but they are very thin walled. The flavor is great, and they are perfect for everything except my salsa. I like my salsa to have big chunky veggies in it, and the thin walled peppers just don't hold up as well during the processing as the big thick walled bell peppers. I grew California wonder, and early sunsation this year (last year I grew whatever generic bell pepper they sold at Home Depot). All gave the same result. I tried letting them go longer on the plant, but they just rotted, so I guess they really were ready. Any growing tips or variety tips to try for next year to help with this?

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Others who are more experienced can probably comment better... but I think thin walls in peppers is related to culture (at least when it's a pepper that's supposed to have thick walls).

That said, one I've grown the past few years with reliable results is Red Ruffled Pimiento. Good yields and consistently thick walls, even when other varieties aren't turning out so well.


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I used to have trouble with bell type peppers. The thin walled Cubanelles and Bananas were easy. I kept trying new varieties and finally found a few that do well here in coastal MA. They are Red Knight, King Arthur and Keystone. I tried Karma for the first time this year and they also seem to produce well here. Peppers like heat. Don't put out plants too early. I also keep them under row covers until they are well established. Hope this helps.

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heather38(6a E,Coast)

Crazy moment, when aren't I :0! but I grow California Wonder last year and yielded 2 peppers! one my son uprooted the whole plant, in his pride of harvesting :) but the taste! oh sensational after the store brought stuff, this year I am doing those and takkis Ace, they both have thin walls in my experience, but the taste is good and this is my point, I used them both in Annie's salsa, but I over cooked and over processed one lot, and they where mush! but the first lot done properly the peppers held together really well, nice chunks, so could it be the cooking rather than the peppers?

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Peppers thrive in heat but can't abide dry soil even for a few hours. Try to mulch heavily and never let your soil dry out. It may seem like a contradiction but although they like high temps the peppers can sunburn. Make sure there is enough foliage to shade the fruit. They also require calcium for thick walls but that has to be taken care of before the plants go into the ground. Calcium is notoriously slow in becoming available.

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oregonwoodsmoke(5 OR Sunset 1A)

Just a suggestion: try growing a couple of poblanos, and throw a couple of those into your salsa. They are really delicious.

I use poblanos fire roasted and peeled. I don't know what you'd get if you threw the skin in. I find the very idea of cooked salsa to be disgusting, but I've cooked with poblanos and they give good flavor to enchilada sauce and burrito filling, so they should be OK in a cooked salsa.

They are not thick walled; it's the flavor you are after with poblanos.

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sundrops(Z6 SW Indiana)

Try Fat & Sassy.

Extra thick walled peppers. Great for stuffing. They are a very heavy producer also. The only issue I have found is that they are kind of late but once they start there is no stopping them.

It's the only bell pepper I grow now. I tried California Wonder when I first started gardening and didn't like it at all.

You can get the seeds for Fat & Sassy from Tomato Gardeners Supply.

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Heritage, Declaration, and Red Knight are my best suggestions for your area. Red Knight is especially good in your conditions.

Orange Bell is an exceptionally good flavored bell pepper that also produces pretty well but would probably take too long to mature in your climate.


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Thanks! These are some great suggestions! I never thought about the calcium, and I know that I should've watered a bit year I'll test out a couple of these new varieties too!

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