Odd chlorophytum

asleep_in_the_gardenApril 16, 2014

Seem to remember posting about this some time before but can't remember whether or not anyone knew what I was talking about.

Back when I had a temp job at IBM there was a chlorophytum in an office that had no host plant,which is to say that it was a stem without a rosette of leaves surrounding it,that came up out of the mix and then had baby plants toward the end in the usual manner.

That was some time ago and I don't keep a journal or anything like it,so I have no real record of what plant in my collection came from where.

Seems an easy assumption though that the plant I have here is the same cutting I took back then.

The new "mama" plant has lost all but one of it's original leaves but the stem has babies.

Anyone here have one that does this?

I've grown spiders off and on over the years and never seen one quite like it.

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I've never seen that before... that is bizarre. Could you post a photo? I'm intrigued.


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My new phone's data thingy ain't workin. Had the guy on the phone last week(week before?)and he was trying to walk me through stuff and the line dropped. Guy tried to call me back and sent a text but I told myself I'd put it off til later...and so far I've done a splendid job of procrastinating.

When I finally get off my dead butt and address the issue,I'm sure I'll snap a pic of it(lotta other stuff too!).

I know a verbal description just isn't really enough sometimes. Sorry.

I like spiders and all but I don't really backflip over 'em. Funny how I neglect stuff that I deem easy to propagate...anyhoo when I saw that plant in the guys office at IBM I was like "is that a chlorophytum?" My whole reason for taking the cutting in the first place was to see if in time the clone would exhibit the same pattern,..and apparently it did.

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Haha, thst's okay. I will wait patiently for a picture of your odd 'Spider Plant' lol.

Sounds like your phone is having some issues there.


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I'm sure the phone is fine...somethings probably switched of in some file in settings I'm unaware of. The guy on the phone seemed confident that all would be well...before the line dropped.

Frankly the phone is smarter than I am. I'm usually around twenty years behind the days technologies it seems. Heh.


Okay I think I talked myself into it.
Calling customer care.

Be back soon. :)

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Lol, hopefully the line won't drop this time. That's okay, for my age, I'm also living in the stone age I've been told. Oh well. My friends don't pay my phone bill either. :P


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Not even sure what the heck that lady even told me but in some weird way around it,I guess we found a way to do it now. I'll spare you the details. lol

Anyhue,..forgive that the spider babies are sparse at the moment,..new ones will be on their way soon enough...but yeah,..
here's a pic

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Lol@your phone

That's one blurry picture (haha), but I can see what you're saying. That's... odd.


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I've been leaning the baby end against other plants to keep it in the "up" position that it's in. The plant it came from was sitting on top of a file cabinet and it's stem hung over the side,terminated in a baby which had another stem that did the same thing.

Thought about potting it in with a tree(ficus) to gently secure it along the trunk so a spider "poof" would be nestled in the branches,but the way spider roots get,maybe not the best idea. Yaknow? :)

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