What happened to my Calathea Ornata?

laxflameApril 22, 2014

I bought this pretty pink strip calathea a few weeks ago and neglected it a bit (hey it's finals week), so i watered it since it was very droopy. i put it on the windowsill of an east facing window for a few days and now it looks burned to a crisp and its leaves are all withered. i don't know what else i should do, it looks so sad and i feel terrible.

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Did you let it dry out too much, forget to mist/refill your humidity tray (assuming you do this here lol)? It should push out new growth and will replace all that eventually. I wouldn't feel too bad.


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I just neglected to water it completely. Then watered it and put it on the windowsill. Maybe I shocked it?
How often should I keep water in the humidity tray? It always evaporates quickly

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I'd say it's just reacting to completely drying out then. They don't like to dry out completely between watering, but maintain a certain degree of moistness.

I'd keep water in it your humidity tray constantly. I had to buy a larger humidity tray because my smaller one required me to refill it almost daily.... that got annoying lol.

Don't worry, like I said, it'll push out new growth before you know it and eventually those older ugly leaves will die off (allow them to die off on their own, don't cut them off) over time. No leaf last forever, even in the wild.


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Thanks! She's a very high maintenance plant isn't she? What kinda of soil mixture would you recommend? Right now I have it in just average MiracleGro potting soil with some plant food on the surface.

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Calatheas are definitely known as high maintenance lol. Um, as to the soil mixture, I'm not sure. I have my 'Prayer Plant' (Maranta, related to a Calathea) in the original soil it came in. I'm too afraid to repot! Hopefully someone else will chime in and tell you their "secret mix."


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