Is my calla lily going to be okay?

Ashleylovesgreen(5)April 14, 2014

My boyfriend gave me this calla lily in September. It had beautiful orange flowers. When the flowers died I decided to save the plant because it was still green and alive. Is it past it's saving point? I know it probably needs more light, I live in Ohio and until it gets warmer it needs to stay inside, I put it in the sunniest spot possible but we haven't had many sunny days yet.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

It might do better if you take off the decorative foil. Has that been on it this whole time? If so, that could certainly contribute to drainage problems.

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Yes, take the foil off so that it doesn't sit in water. If the soil is constantly wet it can cause rot.

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Also definitely needs better light. It won't bloom again unless it gets a rest. For this to happen, quit watering it. (Shoulda happened last fall.) The leaves will die. Then after a couple of weeks, replant it in some new damp soil and wait a bit before watering it. You should see new growth. The corm should be planted close to the surface of the pot. Set it out where it will get at least a few hours of full sun and about 1/2 day of light shade. They come from a region where there is a great amount of water part of the year and almost none the rest of the time.

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I was going to remark that these die in the winter and come back in the Spring (at least here they do). My MIL has some planted in her garden that come back every year after a winter's rest.


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Thank you for everyone's help.

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