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marricgardensApril 6, 2013

A few months ago I decided to start a mango from seed. Apparently there are 2 kinds of mangos, both are growing well but one has thick dark green leaves that feel almost like stiff plastic. The other one is growing just as tall, has similar shaped leaves except they are paler green and thinner textured, almost papery. The one on the left also has smaller spaces between the leaf nodes and the one on the right has alternate leaves. I'm hoping the left one will grow into a nice shape when I start pinching it. It did look funny at first when the stem was 4" tall and the leaves were hanging halfway down the sides of the pot! Marg

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Wow cool, I wonder how big they will grow! Should be able to keep them fairly small though.

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I plan to keep it in the sunroom and start pruning when it gets a bit taller. DH says to just let it go but when I told him he may have to raise the roof he changed his mind LOL. Anyway, I think it may make for an interesting houseplant.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

It might be possible, when it gets bigger, at repotting time to trim it hard and also trim the roots, then put it back in the same pot but with fresh soil. Not sure it works for all plants but i dont see why not (some plants, notably palms, dont like having their roots interfered with)

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